Sunrise or sunset sought

18:53, Nov 19 2012

Percy Thomson Gallery is calling all budding photographers or trigger happy snap-shooters.

It requires beautiful or even ugly shots that you may have captured of sunrises and sunsets.

They will adorn the walls of the Accountants on Broadway Gallery - also known as the Community Gallery - of the Stratford Art Gallery.

The walls will be covered in photos like a giant scrapbook. The display will be along the same design as the previously highly successful Big Snow Scrapbook 2011.

Images do not need to be framed and can be up to A4 in size, but no bigger. There is an entry fee of $4 per image to be in by December 10.

The more entries the better and it is open to everyone and sunsets from anywhere.

Entry forms can be filled in at the gallery when you take in your photos or they can be collected at the gallery. They can also be sent by email on request by contacting


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