Exhibition sure to blow you away

19:05, Dec 10 2012

Works from some of New Zealand's leading glass artists will be on display at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford.

The exhibition, Blown Away with Glass, opens on December 19 at 7.30pm.

The styles include cast, slumped, blown and fused, which result in transparencies of colour, texture and opaques.

There will be pieces of jewellery, bowls, sculptures both small and large and wall installations.

The artists include a strong representation from Whanganui - Fran Anderton, Claudia Borella, Sue James, David Traub, Keith Grinter, Nigel Jones, David Murray, Rachel Ravenscroft, Ben Sablerolle, Rena Star and Kathryn Wightman.

Others are Karin Barr, of Hamilton; Paul Burgham and Richard Landers, of Taranaki); Chris Jones, of Taupo; Brian Chrystall, Te Rongo Kirkwood, Vjekoslav Nemesh and John Penman, of Auckland; Graeme Hitchcock, Michelle Judge, Colleen Ryan Priest and Di Tocker, of Waikato; Lisa and Jimmi Walsh, of Waverley; and Emily Lake, of Picton.

The glass will be teamed with wall works from an invited group of Taranaki artists, including Waldo Hartley, John McLean, Alby Carter, Dale Copeland, Paul Hutchinson, Carl Fairweather, Jan Huijbers, Rea Van't Hof, Denise Newland, Frances Rookes, Laurel Davis, Roger Morris, Marianne Muggeridge, Denis Bourke, Jilly Hare and Glenda Kirk and a collaborated work between Anthea Stayt and Vjekoslav Nemesh.

The exhibition will run throughout the holiday period, with the gallery closing only on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.


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