Gig for the classic rockers

18:39, Dec 17 2012

If you think Meat Loaf and Led Zeppelin, you're probably not far off Hessian Horseman.

The five-piece Hamilton rock band is set to bring their theatrical rock act to New Plymouth's Basement Bar on January 5.

Founder and frontman, Vegas Brown, can't wait.

"We're really looking forward to playing Basement Bar because it's one of those nice-feel little rooms. It's good for dingy little rock gigs."

Joining him on stage are Kell Bracewell (drums), Paul Smith (keys and guitar), Mike Anker (lead guitar), and Shocka the Maori Rocker aka Shane Maraki (bass).

And while he knows good friends Katchafire are playing on the same night at Butlers Reef, Brown reckons he'll give them a run for their money.


"I think that it's a different clientele, or demographic shall we say, if you want to get smart.

"This gig is definitely for the rockers."

Brown has been playing music in bars since the age of 13, is the former drummer of gold-selling Kiwi band 48May, and has always had a thing for classic rock.

"I've always been rooted to rock. That sounds bad, but yeah I've always had my roots in rock - classic rock.

"If you were to take Meat Loaf and throw him together with Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin and Queen, that's sort of who Hessian Horseman are."

Brown is praised for his success as an entertainer, as well as a musician and vocalist.

He currently has a television series in the pipeline titled Singing for Supper.

"It's a bit of a lifestyle show really that showcases our beautiful country, the cool people, and mixes a bit of food and music," he says.

His ability to entertain is handy when it comes to Hessian Horseman putting on a good show, he says.

"We're a band who likes to make sure we play well on stage rather than do so much in production and recording and then let down live audiences.

"The beauty of being an entertainer for years is that you get to present your art in an entertaining fashion which is always good when you're trying to ram your art down people's throats. You ease it down with a bit of humour."

Hessian Horseman's name was inspired by Tim Burton's 1990's cult classic movie Sleepy Hollow and Brown's interest in the 18th century period.

Brown says the tour is a good way for them to introduce themselves to people outside Hamilton before the first album, Masquerade, drops in April 2013.

"You've got to get that first tour under your belt and we'll be promoting our first single Boy Who Cries Wolf."

The song is about the desensitisation of human nature through the misuse of social media networks, he says.

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Hessian Horseman with Art of Alchemy (Hamilton) and Sticks n Stones

Basement Bar January 5, 8pm

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