Touch-of-a-button art

21:23, Feb 19 2013

An artist who has fun with photography has an exhibition on at the Village Gallery in Eltham.

"Shot From The Heart" is a photo art exhibition by Rhonda Bunyan that runs until March 15. It consists of a collection of more than 40 photos printed on to canvas.

The images include Mt Taranaki, iconic buildings, intimate portraits and coastal scenes.

Rhonda, who lives just out of Stratford on a lifestyle block with her husband Laurence, a german shepherd called Sophie, a couple of cats and a chook says: "My photos begin with a subject, object, or scene that attracts me, whether it be lighting, structure, mood, colour, humour, drama . . .

"The common denominator is composition and construction. Some of my photos are left virtually untouched . . . that is the scene, portrait, colour, light, imagery is realistically represented.

"Other shots are 'played around with'; filtered, dramatically enhanced, made to look older, retrospective, some as brush strokes akin to a painting. These are photos where structure, light, mood and so on are manipulated to a degree that the shot becomes 'photo art'.


"They are art for the wall. Original in that I have taken the photo and used software to achieve the end result.

"It is an extremely adventurous, exciting and rewarding journey. I can work with 100 effects on a photo until I have that 'eureka' moment. At other times I know exactly the effect I am after and the result is achieved very quickly.

"I also use my Canon EOS 650D to create a myriad of different effects with lighting, ambience and colour.

"This is still a huge learning curve for me, but one which is fascinating and has caused me to have to 'trash' a number of failed attempts. Photo manipulation is arguably one of the most creative art forms to come out of the digital age."

Taranaki Daily News