Gallery to host Fashion Frenzy

18:49, Feb 25 2013

Stratford's Percy Thomson Gallery has nine canvases left for the McDonald's Canvas Challenge.

A piece of prose for inspiration, canvas and paints are donated to entrants aged between 12 to 24. They are asked to produce a work using the materials provided. These will be judged and prizes awarded on April 5.

Either call at the gallery or ring 06 765 0917 if you are interested in participating.

Body artist Carmel McCormack (official body painter for Air New Zealand's "Nothing to Hide" ad campaign) will be part of an event called Fashion Frenzy at the Percy Thomson Gallery from June 29 to July 28.

She will be travelling from Auckland to paint Miss Taranaki in a creation of her choosing as part of the grand finale of the event.

Fashion Frenzy is a competition which aims to produce "wearable and functional" items, as opposed to wearable art. All artists and craftspeople are invited to participate. It is envisaged that artists and craftspeople will pool their talents and work collaboratively, which will provide an opportunity to combine strengths and create something incredible.


The exhibition will have two facets - an open exhibition of works encompassing all media around the theme "Body Art", and a competition with five sections, which are:

Collective ensemble - multiple designers with any number of creators and a minimum of four pieces, including accessories.

Natural Fibre Functional ware

Santosa E-sensually Silk

Bernina New Plymouth Modified Fabric - garment material to be modified at least 30 per cent from its original state.

Maskerade - masks to be wearable and displayable.

The opening of the exhibition will feature a fashion parade of the entries, and winners will be announced. Entry forms are available from the gallery.

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