24-hour marathon cinema treat for Harry Potter fans

Could you handle all eight Harry Potter films back-to-back?

New Plymouth Adele fans fearful they will miss concert over flight delay

Concert-goers in New Plymouth were once again faced with flight delays.

Medieval Carnival 'living history' in Hamilton

Beyond Knights training that was getting underway, was the medieval village where a handful of people stayed.

Mixing comedy and science

Science, comedy and music are combing into one all-out show in Wellington later this month.

Toni Street and Sam Wallace to take over from Polly and Grant on The Hits

TV stars Toni Street and Sam Wallace to expand their show after departure of Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama.

Adele's 11 greatest moments from her international tour

Proposals, twerking, touching tributes and a kapa haka are just a few non-musical highlights from her tour.

Harry Styles teases new music with mysterious trailer

The former One Direction star has sent fans into a frenzy with a mysterious trailer for new music.

Mr G's artwork decorates a Te Awamutu cliff face

Tauranga artist Mr G has gone to extreme lengths for his art.

One Direction's Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole welcome baby boy

He doesn't have a name but the couple's son is already stealing hearts.

Token diversity on The Bachelor NZ - thanks but no thanks

OPINION: Variety and representation are always good things. But does it matter on a show like The Bachelor?

Adele says 'Hello', as the singer embraces Aotearoa

Adele's second show goes Kiwi, with the singer joined on stage by a kapa haka group.

Love Actually sequel hits the soft spot

SPOILERS: Hugh Grant's character roasts Piers Morgan and spreads some love in a stirring yet poignant speech in Love Actually sequel.

Dixie Chicks take a swipe at Donald Trump during Australian concert

The joke might not have translated as well as it would've in the US, but enough people got it.

The Questionnaire: Aaron Short

Aaron Short of bands The Naked And Famous and Space Above answers our Q and A.

Marc my words, it's a Ridge too far

Could Chad and Larry be the next Marc and Matthew?

The Missing star Keeley Hawes on her character's 'unimaginable' storyline

Season two of the drama series has a new cast, including Keeley Hawes and David Morrisey.

Leaping between ice and sleeping in Shackleton's sleeping bag

Oliver Sullivan spent part of the sixties chasing penguins, leaping between ice floes, and sleeping in an Antarctic hero's sleeping bag.

Adel-uge forecast to drench concert goers on Sunday

It's going to be wet and miserable across the whole country on Sunday.

VICE: Growing up in public

VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi has come a long way: from unemployed junkie to global media mogul.

Alice Snedden: Why do we make young girls ashamed of their bodies?

OPINION: If we can give out free condoms, why not free tampons?

The middle child: Generation X gets older

Generation X is turning 50. Is it time to grow up?

Martha Wainwright: The unruly songbird

Canadian singer Martha Wainwright on her awkward family relationships and how she turned them into music

Celebrity Crush: Why I Love Kate Winslet

The Heavenly Creature who has delivered Titanic performances time and again.

Twenty One Pilots astound with magic and acrobatics at first show on New Zealand/Australia tour

REVIEW: Roll up, roll up for the greatest show on earth: two blokes, a drum kit and oodles of cinematic bombast.

Crash holds up traffic on way to see Adele

Adele concertgoers caught up in traffic crawl on State Highway 1.

The Breeze's Breakfast host Kath Bier is not letting epilepsy slow her down

Kath Bier was diagnosed with the brain disorder one day and ran a half-marathon the next.

Adele sends her handwritten love to New Zealand fan with letter

Reach under your seat, Adele told one fan, there's something waiting for you there.

Adele: Think 43,000's big? Try 80,000 for Crowded House

Think 43,000's big? Try 80,000 crowding into Hagley Park for these Kiwi legends.

What do we make of folks who are fans of Jane Austen... and Breitbart?

Not content with The Matrix and Taylor Swift, racists are reaching for Pride and Prejudice to prove a point.

Monty Python: Why Holy Grail also failed to amuse film censors

New files suggest blasphemy and a swearing nun were all to much for British censors

Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama leave The Hits after contract ends, but say they're not retiring

Outspoken radio host Polly Gillespie takes a final swing at bosses after the pair decide not to re-sign contracts.

Wigless Sia gives Los Angeles Airport and the internet a Cheap Thrill

Aussie singer sends internet into a frenzy after revealing her face

Hollyoaks star James Sutton on the British soap: 'I think it is underrated'

Actor James Sutton says the soap gets young people talking about important issues.

Join the team behind Auckland Daze for an Outward Bound comedy adventure

Go bush with Millen Baird in his new comedy, Darryl: An Outward Bound Story.

Oliver Platt talks Chicago Med and playing an ER psychiatrist

Oliver Platt plays Dr Daniel Charles, an ER psychiatrist, in Chicago Med.

Reality TV contestants return from a year in the wilderness to find show scrapped

The network cancelled its reality show, but no-one told the cast. They remained in the wilderness for months.

At My Place: The thrifty, functional home of actor Laurel Devenie

Actor Laurel Devenie's favourite pieces of furniture are her well-travelled, multi-functional beer crates.

Jane Bowron: sloppy viewers, The Missing's not for you

The second season of The Missing is taut, terrific, challenging viewing.

Writer David Vann on Greek tragedy, violence and Donald Trump

David Vann writes black-humoured and fascinating stories about people in crisis.

Wellington mother and Te Papa host makes her screen debut

The Te Papa tour guide turned unexpected film star

'Get Out' shows how genre can address serious issues - why can't serious drama?

'Get Out' proves genre can deliver a message fiendishly clever and on-point with serious issues.

Wellington is New Zealand's most creative city and set to get $500k boost for arts

Mayor says extra funding will take arts and culture to 'next level'.

David Tennant: 'I don't think of myself as a seducer'

​'Doctor Who' star David Tennant is going X-rated in his latest play.

Twin sisters' Adele concert reunion ruined by cancelled Jetstar flight

One twin sat by an empty seat, the other missed the soundtrack to a bittersweet time of her life.

Taranaki creatives behind new webseries Darryl

Will you be watch the new webseries, Darryl?

We all know Adele's here, but what's the deal with Twenty One Pilots?

They're one of the biggest bands in the world - and they're here right now - but few know them.

Hamilton teenager shares stage with Adele in Auckland

The Hamilton teenager knew she had front-row seats but didn't expect a hug.

Jono Pryor's digger disaster: Ben's house is being renovated

Jono smashed his co-host's house with a digger - but it appears some renovations were planned.

'Love Connection' to reconnect with viewers as Fox revival

A new version of the match-making game show is coming back to television.