Herald was oldest newspaper in land

21:52, Nov 16 2012

There was a time when Taranaki had New Zealand's oldest newspaper. It was the Taranaki Herald, which began life in 1852 as a weekly newspaper before progressing to twice-weekly in 1867 and then daily in 1877.

The newspaper continued to publish six days a week until 1989, when falling circulation forced its closure.

The Taranaki Herald operated as an independent Taranaki-owned daily until 1962 when it amalgamated with the Taranaki Daily News to become Taranaki Newspapers Ltd, part of the New Zealand News Ltd stable which also owned such newspapers as the now-defunct Auckland Star.

When it first began publishing, the Herald's original headquarters were on the corner of Devon St and Currie St. Then in 1906 the newspaper moved to a new building constructed further to the south along Currie St.

By 1984 that building was becoming old and increasingly unsuitable for a modern-day newspaper operation, so it was demolished and replaced. This photograph, which was published in the Taranaki Daily News in August that year, shows the demolition ball bringing down the old building's facade.


Taranaki Daily News