Jo takes on her 'first date'

23:07, Feb 13 2012
tdn jo
A game of paintball will form part of Jo Moir's date with Peter Christie

A self-confessed sports jock with a "heart of gold" is first to take up the Taranaki on a Date challenge.

Peter Christie, 33, lives in New Plymouth and chose something "off the wall" for his ideal date tonight with Taranaki Daily News reporter Jo Moir.

A game of paintball with a group of his friends would be the starting point followed by dinner and a walk at the beach.

To wrap up the evening Mr Christie said he would head to a wine bar to enjoy a few drinks and throw in a game of truth or dare to get to know his date.

In his email to Jo he said: "I know this would be a first for me as well, but I thought after seeing your video that you like a challenge."

An article on the date with Mr Christie will follow later this week.


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