The first kiss

The weather gods seemed set on raining on Taranaki on a Date's parade last night.

After postponing the date with Jason McElroy last week due to heavy rain warnings last night we decided to bite the bullet and make the most of the evening regardless of rain, wind, cold or snow for that matter.

Jason had organised a flight over the mountain with Taranaki helicopter business, Heliview, and although snow at the summit meant we steered clear of going over the top we still got to see a fantastic view over the Pouakai ranges and out along New Plymouth and the coastline.

Jason took Jo on a helicopter flight around New Plymouth, then to dinner at Okurukuru and a walk on the beach.
Jason took Jo on a helicopter flight around New Plymouth, then to dinner at Okurukuru and a walk on the beach.

After being picked up by Jason, who arrived on my doorstep with an umbrella to get me to the car, we headed into town for a drink to "calm the nerves'' so Jason said.

We called in at Crowded House after seeing Our Place was closed for the night and enjoyed a beer while talking about why we were both still single.

Jason seemed to think he might be a bit fuzzy and that sport, work and other hobbies seemed to take up most of his time, leaving little left for finding the perfect girl.

My reasons were a little more sketchy as I don't actually know what I'm doing right or wrong and tend to just wing my way through life these days.

Jason has a clear idea of what he's looking for and says he thinks most younger guys are probably only after one thing but he's now past that point and is after the real deal.

He's a homeowner and rightly proud of it and even threw in the fact that two kids would be a future he would be happy with.

I got brownie points from Jason when I told him how uncomfortable it makes me when guys pay for everything and in his mind a financially secure woman that doesn't expect everything is a good catch.

On arrival at Heliview we boarded the chopper and I had a wee giggle when I saw a bottle of bubbles and a bunch of flowers inside.

Heliview had gone all out helping Jason prepare everything and it was a fantastic effort.

The next treat was the pilot announcing our final destination - Okurukuru winery near Oakura.

We landed at the helicopter pad and Jason's car was even there waiting as Heliview had driven to meet us.

The food at Okurukuru was delicious, Jason had the beef and I had the lamb, it was my first dinner there and I would certainly go back.

Turns out we both have a sweet tooth so dessert was on the cards and we both tried the chocolate tart and a apple and sultana strudel.

Jason said he had been stressing for days about the whole night as he's not particularly organised so he was struggling with the planning.

We chatted more about our likes and dislikes, even discussed former boyfriends and loves of our life.

Jason, a mechanical fitter, has done well for himself and says his house is very important to him and even threw it out there that he doesn't plan on moving so if he finds "the one'' she will be the one shifting.

A lot of the conversation with Jason was more direct than I was used to and I did joke with him about the fact that he answered the majority of my questions with a simple yes or no.

In response Jason said I obviously enjoyed talking and was very good at it! Touche.

With dinner all wrapped up we headed to Oakura beach for a bit of a stroll and Jason pulled out the gentlemen touch with an extra jacket in his car for me to keep warm.

Despite the fact there was snow last night it wasn't too frosty out and Jason made the most of a very romantic setting with a cheeky kiss.

Taranaki on a Date was all over for another evening and what a lovely evening it was.

Jason's score for the date - 9

Jo's score for the date - 9

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