Romantic blokes needed

02:12, Jan 27 2013
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Jo Moir is looking for more men to take her on a date.

Taking part in Taranaki on a Date was a piece of cake, eligible bachelor Reuben Doyle says.

Round two of Daily News reporter Jo Moir's dating project is under way but in order to keep it going, more eligible bachelors are needed.

After four very successful dates the call has gone back out and date number three, Reuben, is encouraging Taranaki blokes to get involved.

"All I had to do was send in a profile with my photo, an inventive idea for a date and provided you are not a creep you will get the call-up like I did," he said.

"Taranaki on a Date is not only an outstanding opportunity to accompany the fetching Jo Moir for an evening, but a chance to do your bit as proud Taranaki residents and showcase our province's many hidden treasures."

Reuben says if given the chance he would definitely take part again.


"Jo is down to earth and also very gracious so I was at ease from start to finish and our date was full of fun and frivolities."

The idea is simple. Send Jo your details (name, age, job, where you're from), a photo and an idea for a date.

There's no limit, within reason, to what that date could be and if your idea cuts the mustard with Jo you'll find yourself part of Taranaki on a Date.

The rules are few. You have to be ready to see your picture and basic details on the Taranaki Daily News website.

There will be a painless pre-date interview about your hopes and expectations for the date and after it's all over Jo will write about it.

"What I would like to stress is that this isn't a competition, and a low-cost or even free date is just as likely to impress me and all the other single girls out there reading about it," Jo said.

"The pre-date video really isn't a big deal and I can even send the questions to guys if that would make them more comfortable in front of the camera."

The point of Taranaki on a Date is to not only show off our top blokes but showcase our beautiful province while tackling the big issues of our dating culture and the do's and don'ts of showing a girl a good time.

Reuben says the feedback he received after taking part was "overwhelmingly positive".

"I have been inundated with comments and questions from across the globe, friends, family and work colleagues alike," he said.

Email your details, photo and date idea to

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