TripAdvisor: This is your review

Try as you might, you cannot avoid the website that changed travel forever.

NZ 'not one singular island'

Savvy travellers know NZ consists of two main islands, says Huffington Post writer.

World's weirdest airline?

Air Koryo has been named one of the world's worst airlines. But it is also one of the quirkiest.

'Tinder for travellers' launched

The new Lounger app will help bring love to lonely travellers.

'Nothing can go wrong after take-off'

Thrill seeking adventurer performs electrifying cliff-edge back flip for fun.

Just a little to the left, that's it

The tower of Hirosaki Castle is being towed dozens of metres away from its original location.

Tallest mountain in US gets shorter

Highest mountain in the US is now shorter - and it has a new name.

Is this the world's hottest festival?

The bugs and dust have departed and a temporary city has sprung in the desert.

'Kick them ... they spit out money'

Bali police see tourists as ATMs - so when seven Aussies hired a stripper, it was an opportunity.

Model sneaks cat on flight, drama ensues

US fighter jets were scrambled and an airliner diverted after a European model brought a cat on board.

Stars shine bright over dazzling desert

My journey begins standing on an Arizona mountaintop counting Jupiter's moons.

'I'll do drugs in New Zealand'

A British tourist who told border officials he would take illegal drugs was denied a visa to enter NZ.

The darker side of budget travel

They quit lucrative jobs to travel the world, now they're scrubbing toilets in exchange for food.

Fancy renting an island?

To heck with booking a bach - these private islands make for a much more luxurious holiday.

Blanket ban on All Blacks fans

Former rugby star lists home on Airbnb, but it comes with a catch for kiwis.

Queenstown ski area 'undiscovered for 85 years'

A new ski area "undiscovered for 85 years" has opened without fanfare.

Paris: Perfect for pre-wedding bliss

Chinese tourists are flocking to the 'City of Love' in search of the perfect wedding photo.

Qatar Airways relaxes grip on cabin crew

The airline is relaxing its policies on marriage and pregnancy, and pledges to review the curfew.

High-seas adventures await

Get a jump on the upcoming season with this handy cruising guide.

Air China alliance approved

New alliance for Air New Zealand will bring cheaper airfares, Transport Minister says.

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