Never pay for hotels again

One woman hasn't paid for a hotel room in ten years of travel. Here's how...

End of Airbnb in New York?

A new law means short-term renters could face $10,000 fines if the owner is not present.

Flightless duck soars in popularity

The internet loves him, but for owner Carla, having a support duck is her "new normal".

Toot toot, Vietnam!

Travelling 2000km across Vietnam on a scooter has its risks - but it's a great way to see the country and meet the locals.

Chimpanzee smokes a pack a day

There is outrage over North Korea's newest zoo attraction: a chimp trained to smoke cigarettes.

The death of shoulder season soon?

No more shoulder season? Queenstown is becoming busy all year around.

Attack of the drones

A drone named Daryl can teach you about personal boundaries. Australia's festival of spying shows you how.

Freedom camping pressure nationwide

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association already owned, or leased 32 sites around the country but were keen to acquire more land, especially in Marlborough.

First class flyer nabbed for up-skirt video

High flyer's low class behaviour on the way to Cape Town lands him with life-time ban from airline.

Stuck, inside a Ruapehu crevasse

As Manfred Raikes, 15, skidded off the ledge and into an 8m crevasse, he closed his eyes and waited to die.

Airline's embarrassing online mistake

Plane shame: British Airways accidentally shares rival airline's cheap deal on flights to its 2.5 million followers.

Biggest passenger plane comes to Chch

Aviation enthusiasts will get to view the world's largest passenger aircraft as it begins daily service to Christchurch.

Visiting UK got a whole lot cheaper

From a pint to a jaunt around the Tower of London, Brexit has done tourists a favour.

Why regional airfares suck

It's cheaper than ever to fly to London - so why is it still so hard to get anywhere from Invercargill?

Brave passenger reclaims armrest

Hilarious or rude? A disgruntled flier made his move when a fellow passenger hogged the armest

Is this the cure for jet lag?

A new study in mice suggests an unlikely answer for jet lag: reduced oxygen levels.

1000 enjoy Coast delicacy

More than 1000 chow down on West Coast's most "treasured delicacy" at second annual Westport Whitebait Festival.

America's weird, wacky city

These ten attractions make Portland as fascinating as it is quirky.

'Legless lizards' on a plane

Passengers were shocked to see what they thought were snakes slithering through the cabin.

Hong Kong's cute food trend

The latest food trend to come out of Hong Kong is so adorable, it's been named just that: "adorable eats".

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