Hike the Dylan Thomas trail

Dylan Thomas

This year, the centenary of his birth, offers a perfect opportunity to hike the Dylan Thomas trail.

The world's funniest places


We travel to relax, or for thrills, or to be educated - but what if we just need some good cheer?

Son of a gun

Peter Kuravita

When chef Peter Kuravita travelled across Mexico, he got more than he bargained for.

Get more of the mountain


JOSH MARTIN - © Fairfax NZ News

Skiers in search of season-pass bargains need to act quickly.

Eat your way through Nashville


If you come here to eat first and line-dance second, you won't be the first.

On the fast track

Train travel

"Breakfast in London, lunch in Paris, dinner in Barcelona." I read that as nothing short of a challenge.

Ride the rails

Germany train

Don't let Europe's vast railroad system intimidate you. It's the best way to see the sights.

A taste of London

Taste of London

Don't forget to take your appetite for this culinary fest in London.

Jeepers peepers

Jalan Alor

There's something alien in the chicken noodle soup. "It's ... an eyeball!"

Avoiding travel illness


More travellers are heading to high risk destinations without vaccinations.

Planes, porn and racism

Travel Twitter Fail

You won't believe what some travellers - and travel companies - have done on Twitter.

Travel disrupted by weather

Cancelled flights

Flights in Auckland and ferry services in Wellington have been disrupted by the weather.

Malaysia jet in midair turn-back

Malaysia Airlines

Passenger says he feels lucky to be alive after tyre on Boeing 737 explodes mid-flight.

Women want to ban Paris 'love locks'

love locks

Concerns about scenery clashes with sentimentality in the City of Love.

Between two worlds

My Two Heavens by Jo Crabb

© Fairfax NZ News

Kiwi couple Jo Crabb and Stephen Allwood live in rural France, and in Martinborough.

Auckland's best breweries



They say beer should be drunk within the shadow of the brewery.

In the middle of the world

Expat: Ecuador

© Fairfax NZ News

True love took Wellingtonian Scotty Donaldson to Ecuador.

Fuel pump fault halts Qantas plane


A Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne was forced to turn back mid-air because of a fuel pump fault.

In-flight bum grope

Alexandra Rose Williams

A passenger who touched the buttocks of a crew member has been ordered to behave.

The Raro party kicks off


After having a blast there on a family holiday, I went back with a friend and it was even better.