NZ Rugby and Blues start proceedings against Rene Ranger over drink-driving ... Read more


Scenic route: Why I love Wellington

Adam Constanza walked, ran and cycled the city to showcase all the reasons he loves the cool capital.

Top celebrity travel photos

Love-struck Bachelors to cute couples: We track down where your favourite celebrities on holiday.

Ancient canals found under temple

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient water system beneath one of Mexico's most important Mayan temples.

Zipline through Niagara Falls spray

New tourist attraction gives thrillseekers a unique vantage point and a chance to take a selfie above the thundering waters.

Kiwi stranded in Japan

Passengers were left to fend for themselves for 48 hours after a Jetstar flight was delayed due to a mechanical fault.

Extra Qantas flights for Christchurch

Qantas is launching new services between Christchurch and Australia in time for Christmas.

Travellers' pet peeves when flying

Airplane passengers reveal their top 10 pet hates and bad food or cramped space don't top the list.

Airplane food donated to the hungry

Airlines are teaming up with a food organisation to reduce waste and give untouched, first-class meals to those in need.

Stranded at airport for 16 hours

The airline says it will be "reaching out" to passengers forced to spend a night at LAX airport.

Comedians take on national bird

Don't make an omelette with a kiwi egg: Flight of the Conchords narrate a nature documentary about NZ's national bird.

Couple pick raffle winner of $71 island

An Australian couple who raffled off their remote Micronesian island have picked a winner. 

Makeover for trail's rugged gorge

$80,000 track improvements have been carried out on the Rimutaka Rail Trail.

Japan's spectacular fire festival

An ancient firework display sees participants load bamboo shoots with gun powder and shoot flames into the sky.

Inside the world's best hotel

Remote and completely off the grid, this little-known island is home to an enclave of adventure and indulgence.

Security breach at airport

Passenger went the wrong way through an exit gate, sparking closures at domestic terminal.

Shipwrecked on Bermuda

This small island has so much more to offer than a mysterious triangle and hideous shorts.

Eat stay and play in Byron Bay

It used to be a sleepy little beach town but trendy shops and restaurants moved in to lure travellers.

Dog owner's answer to subway rules

Pets aren't allowed on public transport unless they're in a container... so this man packed his husky into a tote bag.

Diner accidentally pays $1.9m for curry

A customer accidentally paid $1.9 million for a meal at an Indian restaurant - and incredibly, the payment went through.

Outage leads to 2300 cancelled flights

A technical glitch with an airline's computer network wreaked havoc for travellers in the US.

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