Parents jet off on maternitymoon

Should new parents use the time off to go on holiday? Or does it just seem like too much effort?

Phuket's playground for rich kids

Welcome to Kata Rocks, the five-star luxury resort in Thailand where Instagram starlets are flocking to share their holiday snaps.

Shia LaBeouf hitches rides from fans

Budding artist and actor Shia LaBeouf is making his way across the US and inviting fans to meet up with him.

20 questions with flight attendant

Do they eat the airplane food? What happens if someone dies? We ask the questions you've always wanted to.

West Coast: A Blackball in the rough

It might seem like a sleepy little town, but it's bursting with interesting characters.

Wellington Airport close to Uber deal

Currently banned from picking up drivers, technology company could soon pay a fee for all trips onto its property.

Glass platform not for the faint-hearted

China's latest glass-bottomed attraction has opened and daring tourists are taking a walk on the see-through surface.

Plane crushes tow truck

Flight evacuated after airplane drove over truck that was guiding it out to the runway.

12 countries in 24 hours

Adam Leyton used planes, trains, buses - and his running shoes - to set the record for the most countries visited in a day.

Barred from flight for this outfit

Airline staff refused to allow woman wearing short shorts to board the plane unless she covered up.

World War II bomb defused at airport

American bomb dropped during war has been defused at German airport forcing dozens of flights to be diverted.

New York icon forced to move

The home of the "power lunch" and the wolves of Wall Street - The Four Seasons Restaurant - is getting a new home.

World's first wine 'theme park'

France is set to open its doors to a unique museum and it's aptly located in Bordeaux.

Nudists told to cover up

Spanish nudists have lost a seven-year legal battle for access to a popular tourist resort beach.

Where fetish meets food

Fetish restaurant in Beijing is hoping to entice customers with lobster and sex.

Things to do in Guangzhou

 Southern China's Flower City is a vibrant metropolis with a culturally diverse population.

Expert travellers' tips

Sometimes in order to get by you just have to bluff your way through life's trickier moments when travelling.

Hotel in the bohemian heart of Welly

The hotel is located in the bohemian heart of the city and right on the doorstep of the city's best shops, cafes and bars.

World's most isolated destinations

These are some of the wildest and most remote places left on the planet.

Ask an expert: When to book flights

When should you book UK flights? Send us your travel questions, and we'll put them to the experts.

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