First-timer's guide to Cuba

Cuba's many charms will seduce even the most world-weary party animal history buff or nature lover. 

Lounge review: Air New Zealand

A 30-minute delay is seldom cause for celebration but that's enough time for a sparkling wine and shower.

Countries surprisingly easy to visit

If you've ever wanted to holiday in a brutal dictatorship, we've got good news…

Kiwi lives the dream in French village

Why up sticks to a remote town... twice? It's a mixture of planning and fate.

Little-known facts about Air Force One

Trump may have a point: At $200k an hour, the presidential plane doesn't come cheap.

Landmarks to be renamed

Three North Canterbury landmarks containing the "N-word" will be wiped from the map in the next week.

Beautiful, but dangerous destinations

They'll take your breath away for their beauty and because they're terrifying.

NZ's most remote businesses

They sit on the edge of NZ civilisation. Who works here, and why do they do it?

NZ's most photographed spots

Lakes, cities and movie sets: people are showcasing the best of NZ to the world.

What it's like to 'fly while fat'

"I am always trying not to burden someone else with my body": Concerns of overweight passengers.

China needs 100,000 pilots

Pilots in huge demand for next two decades as air travel expands in China.

Airport's busiest days revealed

It's best to steer clear of Wellington Airport on these days if you can help it.

Finding Niue's sweet soul

Who needs beaches when you have bees like these?

Romantic getaway atop Caribbean waters

Jamaica's luxurious overwater villas have just opened, but are already booked through till 2018.

The guide to being a Kiwi

With NZ's immigration website crashing after the US election, Barbie Furci's book couldn't have come at a better time.

Quake no reason to cancel holiday

The Goh family are probably the first to campervan into Kaikoura since the quake. And the town's "stoked".

How one lock could save lives

Selfish behaviour from plane passengers could spell disaster during an evacuation. There's a way to fix this.

Virgin spaceship test flight a success

The Virgin Spaceship Unity has completed its first glide flight in the US.

Airbnb: How to pick a perfect place

Here's how to use the accommodation-sharing service that's taken the travel world by storm.

'Digital pills': The future of air travel?

The British Airways is investigating a high-tech tablet that tells flight crew if you're awake, hungry, cold or uncomfortable.

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