Te Reo Māori is not dead

Why shouldn't children learn  Te Reo Māori? asks our columnist.

Restricting tamariki (children) to only one worldview limits their education, writes Dennis Ngawhare.

89-year old 'pop star' video

Tahora musicians Tracey Haskell and Murray McCartie have collaborated on a CD of songs from the back country.

Mo McCartie had been composing songs in his head while out on the farm for years.

No top beaches for Taranaki, but why? video

Fitzroy Beach may be one of the most popular in New Plymouth, but the rest of the world hasn't realised how awesome it ...

It's Lonely Planet's #2 region but Taranaki has no beach in country's top 10. How can this be?

A gardening art form

Wayne Morris is in his element surrounded by old junk.

A man who gardens with art, talks to Virginia Winder about his world of creativity.

A mug a day, the artist says

Perfecting the mishima technique on mugs led to Marita Green creating larger sculptural works, like this one.

 One mug, two mugs, three mugs, four. Keep it going, only 96 more.

Magpie nation

Most of us will know more than one person with a shed that looks like this.

We've been hoarders since the get go.

Fifty years ago

180652016 Sports Photo CHARLOTTE CURD/Fairfax. Francis Douglas Memorial College v Wesley College first XV rugby at FDMC. ...

Check out the news that had Taranaki talking in late February, 1967.

Two-year tarot card project video

Each card has a god, goddess or spirit assigned to it.

"The images I create have spiritual meaning, and so I like to create them in a spiritual space and mindset."

John Sargeant: A nutty legacy

John Sargeant has looked after South Taranaki's parks for 22 years. Now he's calling it a day.

For John Sargeant it's all about the walnuts.

What's on in Taranaki

Bindu Rajendrenhas been performed at previous extravaganzas.

There's a dangerous circus show, a hundred mugs and a multi-ethnic parade coming to town.

Faith in Taranaki

There are two sides to every story.

There is a proverb that is at least 3000 years old and is found in the Book of Proverbs (18:17) in the Christian Bible.

A love 32 years in the making

Andréa and James Urbina first met in Taranaki in 1982, when they were Rotary exchange students. Then they lost contact.

They were young exchange students in NZ. Decades later, they're back – on honeymoon.

Enthusiasm and pride

Rebecca and Grant Farquhar aren't perturbed by the maintenance required on the property or their newness to gardening.

Becklands was a new entrant in last year's Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival.  Sarah Foy visits the Inglewood property to chat with its owners – gardening and festival novices.

A Matter of Life and Death

Lawrence Gordon Calman

Lawrence Gordon Calman's life remembered

Early settler gardeners all

Hawera's King Edward Park is among a number of significant gardens that has helped foster South Taranaki's reputation as ...


James Webb telescope

NASA workers look up at the James Webb Space Telescope Mirror during its media reveal at NASA's Goddard Space Flight ...

It's better than the Hubble and a lot more expensive.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Get nostalgic over the way things were in early '67.

Fruit nuggets or real fruit?

Goodness Me Fruit Nugget Sticks - how healthy are they?

Are fruit nuggets and sticks a good alternative to fruit?

How to know your fats

A block of fresh butter - how healthy is it?

Chewing over the fat(s).

A career started with shoe polish

Oakura artist Margaret Scott's career, spanning more than 50 years, is on display in Stratford.

Around 70 works from Margaret Scott's 50 year career are on display in Stratford.

What's on in Taranaki

David Strassman will be returning to Taranaki with his new show iTedE.

Check out what's coming up in Taranaki.

A new way to kill your brain

Reckon anyone would watch a live stream of people milking cows? These days, you never know.

OPINION: Would you watch a video of me milking cows? It wouldn't be glamorous, but it might make a shedload of moolah.

Made in Taranaki: Shavaughn Ruakere

Shavaughn from the archives: Budding punk rockers at a punk dance in Opunake organised by Opunake Lionesses. From left: ...

Shavaughn Ruakere is home in Taranaki for a holiday.

Tropfest film child's play

My Little Brother, directed by Anthony Bennett, stars little Laurence Bennett.

"...Go back to your childhood and capture that innocent magic in a unique way..."

From Oompa Loompa to emerging talent

Ruby Hansen stars in the short film, Remember when Dad fought a ghost?

 Oompa Loompa doompety da, Ruby Hansen looks set to go far.

Give yourself over to Rocky Horror pleasure

Daniel Lockett gets made up as Dr Frank-N-Furter.

He's just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania.

Alpine Fault 'movement' overdue

The majestic Southern Alps are the result of the upheaval of the Pacific Plate's rim.

"Thankfully most of the Alpine Fault is located in sparsely populated areas, so it is hoped the number of casualties, if any, will be low."

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Stroll down memory lane to the headlines of February 1967.

Indians in the swamps

Hunting Indian motorcycle parts in Westland led Graeme Duckett to meet some interesting old characters

Had Graeme Duckett found the world's muddiest Indians?

Off to icy Antarctica

Isobel Ewing gets in some practice on Mt Cook.

She's climbed Mt Taranaki, and now she's heading for Mt Scott, in Antarctica.

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