Rilkoff Files: Courage under floor

Life is a jungle, even when you think you're safe at home.

OPINION: Sometimes you just have to look death straight in the eye and get out your tools.

Lose yourself in the soil

Ann loves adding old-time pieces to the garden, like this penny farthing wheel.

A garden of mirrors and memories lies behind a retirement villa in New Plymouth.

Q&A with Hannah Dodd

For Hannah Dodd choosing a favourite musical is like trying to pick a favourite child.

She paints faces and she paints stages. Meet Hannah Dodd, the head of props for Sister Act.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

A look at your local headlines from half a century ago.

Celebrations fit for a prince

Crowds at the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. His coronation spelled the beginning of the end for a NZ public ...

Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Prince of Wales' birthday was a major public holiday. 

Nuns set to run

Kelsey McEwan, left, Duchesne Markham, centre, and Alyssa Poole, right, are getting into the habit of running .

Nuns have been seen in restaurant kitchens, rugby league games, and trampoline parks in New Plymouth.

Labels from the past

Alan Penfold said this German machine carries its weight by producing 7000 printed sheets an hour.

Don't forget to cross the "t" and dot the "i".

The ever versatile protein parcel

Brayden Thompson, 14, shows off his sweet egg roll with custard creation.

Cracking into versatile parcels of protein.

Arts diary: What's on this weekend

Angel Wood, from Waitara, performing at the Smokefree Rockquest Taranaki Final at TSB Showplace last year.

Check out what's on in Taranaki this weekend.

Arts snippets: Coming up in Taranaki

There is a series of events coming up at the Len Lye Centre.

There's a lot of cool things coming up in Taranaki's entertainment scene. Check them out here.

Review: NZSO

The NZSO performed in New Plymouth on Saturday night.

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performed in New Plymouth on Saturday night.

Trombones everywhere! video

Trombones everywhere!

Does the trombone rock your bones? The NZSO have begun their North Island tour after making history.

Getting away from it all

Graeme Duckett recounts a campground adventure on his motorcycle with his brother in law.

Two blokes, two bikes and a campground adventure.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Check out Taranaki's headline news from this week in 1966.

Making a gardening impact

Beth hugs her young scarecrow in the garden.  She worked with her mentor to create and clothe the bird botherer.

Being young hasn't stopped these students getting stuck into the muck.

Freckles and fun in art

Heidi Singe with one of her four works for the Witt exhibition.

Taranaki's budding artists are exhibiting their work at Witt.

What's on this weekend

The Taranaki Wedding Industry Awards are on this weekend.

Start planning your weekend.

Review: Wholegrain muffins

Quality Bakers wholegrain muffin splits are great for breakfast.

"I was surprised that these muffins weren't more 'grainy' – they are sort of like the plain ones, with a few grains visible."

Recollections from a Kai-titian

Gillian demonstrates the non-slip dishes for the new hospital tray line in the early 1990s.

The role of clinical dietitians is to advise, support and encourage patients to make significant changes.

Sideshows and freakshows

Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman, as Mr and Mrs Alexander

REVIEW: Lizzie Tollemache opened a New Plymouth show by hammering a nail into her face.

Q&A with Beneath the Words

Beneath the Words will play in Taranaki this weekend.

One of Taranaki's newest bands is a fusion of Maori and Irish music.

Singing for the dolphins

Jamie McDell has joined WWF's Challenge 55 to help save the Maui's Dolphins.

Singer-songwriter Jamie McDell has released a song to raise awareness of Maui's dolphins.

Arts snippets

Homegrown talent David Bremner will perform with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra this weekend.

Check out what's coming up in Taranaki's entertainment scene.

Hard to farewell Hikurangi

030652016 NEWS Photo CHARLOTTE CURD/Fairfax. Garden. Hikurangi Gardens. Seven acre garden which is lovely in the months ...

For 63 years Barbara Williams has lived under the mountain. She shares her story with Sonja Slinger.

Review: The Elephant Thief

The Elephant Thief is in New Plymouth until June 11.

Can you imagine a world where elephants are extinct?

Bring buskers festival here

The 2016 World Buskers Festival in Christchurch was launched by comedy mime group Ongals.

Roll up, roll up, the World Buskers Festival could be coming to town.

Retiring to the big smoke

Captain Thomas Good's Manawapou Rd home.

Farmers retiring into town tend to live in larger and more comfortable than the home their owners have left behind.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Take a look at Taranaki's headline's from half a century ago.

The business of fairies

When they run into adults, fairy Demelza and fairy Amy-Rose are met why cries of glee. More than a few adults say "I ...

Ever wanted to run away with the fairies? Well, these two have.

What's on this weekend

Victorian carnival sideshow duo Mr & Mrs Alexander bring their blend of magic, mind manipulation and misdirection to New ...

Start planning your weekend.

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