'A bit shocked' by scholarship

Kylie Filbee-Cronin has been recognized with a Craig Norgate Memorial Scholarship.

Accountant come Christmas tree farmer Kylie Filbee-Cronin has received the Craig Norgate Memorial Scholarship.

Fernbirds relocation 'scientific trial'

Fernbirds are small with a distinctive long, trailing, ragged tail

"At risk" birds relocated from Taranaki with hopes to help repopulate other areas.

A brand of old memories

Graeme Duckett's mum had homemade chutneys and preserved fruit that made your mouth water.

Life was simpler but was it better in the olden days?

Rise and fall of the Southern Alps

The Southern Alps are eroding away almost as quickly as the tectonic plates are pushing them up.

Without erosion the Alps would be about six times their present height.

A Rumball in the jungle

When he's gardening Tony Rumball is often thinking about his art.

Tony Rumball has a wild side. You can see it in his garden.

'It's almost like a really healthy addiction'

Mark Thomas has been getting ready for Record Store Day for the last month.

Recent resurgence of records 'a bit of a mystery'.

An illumination of lamps

Eltham's Paul Burgham is a glass artist who is currently exhibiting work at Stratford's Percy Thomson Gallery.

"Nowadays everything is so black and grey and so anything with a bit of colour, people love it," glass artist Paul Burgham says.

Quick Five: Moana Maniapoto

The cast of My Name is Moana, Moana Maniapoto, Karlos Tunks Saunders, Paddy Free and Trina Maniapoto.

Moana Maniapoto and friends are coming to New Plymouth to perform a heartfelt tribute to the ocean.

Play follows couple's bedding competition

Cast members from New Plymouth Repertory Society Simon Buick and Catherine Jordan.

"Some would call her a gold-digger and a tramp," actress Catherine Jordan says of her character.

What's on in Taranaki

The Jordan Luck Band will perform at The Mayfair on April 29.

What's on this week?

And then there were none

The last cygnet of four born at Pukekura Park recently has not been seen for several days.

New Plymouth swan parents had four cygnets, then three. Now, there are none.

Easter Faith in Taranaki

Easter Alive, a walk-through play telling the story of Easter, was held at St James Presbyterian Church in New Plymouth.

The real meaning of this time of year.

Eat chocolate - but only if you want it

Nico, 3, and Indi, 5, try out some healthy Easter treats.

Are you eating chocolate out of habit?

Gardens grow to Oz

Fringe Garden Festival organisers, from left, John Lucas, Rose Ratahi, Anne Clough and Annette Higgs in Melbourne.

Taranaki gardens bloom in Oz.

The Englishman and the medals

Hawera Fire Brigade members training in 1984.

It started in an op shop and has culminated in a 150 day medal hunt around New Zealand.

The world's fastest aircraft

The exotic shape of the SR-71 was necessary, firstly to reduce drag, secondly to manage shock waves on the aircraft at ...

Inside the life and times of the 'Blackbird'.

NZ's best mobile unfriendly spots video

The only sound in Milford Sound is peace and tranquility and that isn't a type of ringtone.

You can balance precariously on a chair with your mobile aloft, itching for a wifi signal but are not getting any in these 10 spots.

'Grotty old clunky' putter fetches for $140,000 video

Arnold Palmer's battered putting iron which sold for $140,000 at an US based on-line auction.

"The club is now $140,000 better off, instead of having $140,000 sitting in a trophy cabinet,"

Brass band give pre-championship concert

The New Plymouth Brass Band performed at Saint Andrew's Church in New Plymouth on Sunday.

New Plymouth Brass prepare for the national champs.

Cat Stevens 'will be a sell out'

Yusuf Islam - better known as Cat Stevens - is coming back to New Plymouth in December.

It's proving to be the fastest-selling Bowl of Brooklands show in recent times.

Bold, beautiful, Brunel

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - the Godfather of modern engineers.

Engineering giant was adored by the public and loathed by his financiers.

Play looks at gender identity

Kijiana Pene and Nathan Eriwata wrestle with more than just their hands in Eugenia.

Kijiana Pene says staring in the play comes with great responsibility.

Review: Remote

Danielle Peddie pictured here rehearsing for a play at the Little Theatre called 'Remote'.

New Plymouth's Little Theatre stages a quirky and engaging play.

We're a crazy bunch

Humans dart like ants, and swarm like bees in a hive.

Graeme Duckett on tightwads, toilet mishaps and other quirky tales.

Fifty years ago

These days it's a chain - 50 years ago a copper hand cable helped people get to the top of Paritutu.

A team of about 20 skilled alpinists helped replace the old copper hand cable.

What's on in Taranaki

Operatunity pays homage to the two biggest musical icons of the WWII era, The Glenn Miller Orchestra and The Andrew Sisters.

What's on this week?

Hello, cupcake

CJ Needs, 15, with Snickerdoodle cheesecake with Blueberry Coulis, and cupcakes with Vienna Icing.

It's not the size of the cake that counts...

Helping kids stay slim

New Zealand's children are some of the most overweight children in the world, writes Lisa Tamati

How do we keep our young people healthy?

It's a beautiful life

The home sits proudly on a rise, simple lines yet bold.

They have a Ferrari in the garage, sea and mountain views from the house and an indoor garden.

Singer Songwriters into twelfth year

Co-founder of Singer Songwriters New Plymouth Anand Rose.

Have you got a beat and some lyrics you could turn into a song?

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