Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

New Plymouth's Devon St "consisted of a group of tin sheds with cosmetic fronts".

In the business of organics

Both Taranaki natives, they barely knew each other a year ago. These are rampicante trumpicino pumpkins, of Italian origin.

Growing greens was never part of the plan for these two mates, but it's a recipe for success as Kaitake Farms takes off.

The fight to save the Ozone

The ozone hole is purple-blue in this October 2, 2015, Nasa image.

A textbook example of the power of international cooperation.

What's on in Taranaki

Tami Neilson will perform in New Plymouth next month.

Check out what's coming up around the region in the arts community.

The hunt for H20

In the years before the water tower rose above Hawera, residents in the town were on the hunt for the life giving liquid.

From the get go, finding a source of water was a top priority.

Suspect has found his flame

Phil 'Suspect' Jones is holding an exhibition this weekend, showing the wood burn work he has been producing for the ...

He's made a name for himself with his street art but he wants to add something new to his portfolio.

Bach inspired conductor

Japanese organist, harpsichordist and conductor, Masaaki Suzuki will perform in New Plymouth on Sunday.

Founder and musical director of the Bach Collegium Japan, Masaaki Suzuki is coming to New Plymouth.

The gloves are coming off

Sam Rapira will have his 20th and last professional fight on Friday, May 26.

The man behind the gloves opens up.

Mt Taranaki vs Tongariro video

Mount Taranaki in all its symmetry

Lonely Planet declared this walk "every bit as scenic as its rival" - Tongariro. I'm here to settle the debate.

Lithium, batteries and Bolivia

A Panasonic Corp's lithium-ion battery, which is part of Tesla Motor Inc's Model S and Model X battery packs.

It is hoped, when the electric car market moves into top gear, the money will start flowing.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Scour the headlines from May 1967.

From vandal to artist

Cameron Shennan first got into graffiti art as a youngster, which was admittedly more vandalism at the time.

It's not vandalism. It's art - graffiti art.

Focus on public beauty

With hair as red as the maples, Wilson is focused on autumn fire.

Taranaki's gardens are Michelle Wilson's studio.

To the power of two, in concert

Concert pianist Ludwig Treviranus says there's a whole range of emotions to be felt from listening to different pieces ...

The Taranaki Symphony Orchestra and guest soloist Ludwig Treviranus performed on Saturday night.

Get baking!

Self saucing chocolate pudding, scones and biscuits.
Front L-R Kahn Mullin, Calum Evans and Owen Tully

Now's the time of year to get baking.

Saving an extremely rare native plant

Olearia adenocarpa in flower.

Efforts to save one critically endangered plant illustrate how much needs to be done if a draft threatened species strategy released last week will succeed. Will Harvie reports.

Sick art on display

Artist Sam Egli with 'Last Night's Supper'

The small sized artwork contains the leftovers of last night's meal

A brush with nuclear power

Roger Hanson spent two weeks as a student working on a report into the feasibility Waste Vitrification for nuclear waste ...

Roger Hanson only narrowly missed a career in nuclear energy.

Band's country hall revival

Taranaki band, The Stove, left to right, Blake Gibson, Mark Armstrong, Ben Dixon, Scott Armstrong and Anand Rose.

The show band era was a swinging time and band, The Stove, wants to bring it back to life.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

A look at the headlines from May '67.

An orderly democracy

James Livingston of Tokaora, about 1904, sitting behind the wheel of a steam powered car built by AW Reid of Stratford.

Freed of domestic responsibility, the men formed committees.   

Heidi needs some love

Heidi the dog is looking for someone in Taranaki to welcome her into their home.

Heidi is a happy dog but would be happier if you took her home.

European science trip

FDMC year 13 student Thomas Hadley has won an overseas scholarship to visit Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear ...

From four peaks record breaking to "really exciting" international science forum.

What's on in Taranaki

British pianist Kathryn Stott will play in New Plymouth on Tuesday.

There are exhibitions galore in Taranaki.

Zoo tour for sign language week

Liam Bennett, 2, gives Cinnamon the alpaca something to munch on.

The deaf community came out for a zoo tour as part of sign language week.

Meet the stars of NZ's flockumentary

Sarah Bunton

We met the chook-fancying stars of the Kiwi 'flockumentary' tipped to take off.

A return to the past

Dr John Harvey Kellogg, the father of flaked cereals, had some interesting ideas on how to be healthy.

Graeme Duckett gets nostalgic for the days of old.

The games people play

The new rock hiding craze sweeping the country is too serious to leave it all up to the kids.

Life is simple. You're either a player or dinner for a saber toothed tiger.

Pink(ish) Floyd

The Pink Floyd Experience certainly put on a show in New Plymouth.

A dazzling show - but how many actually saw it?

Unlocking potential

Ceri Chisholm in her art studio, which will be open during the Taranaki Arts Trail on June 10 and 11.

Virginia Winder meets a well-educated woman with a "borrowed" landscape.

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