Generation of collectors

Are we to be the last generation of collectors, or are the younger generation seeing the quality in what we had?

To go forward we must understand where we've come from, Graeme Duckett says.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Check out Taranaki's headline news from March 1967.

Falling for flowers

This vireya, called Tropical Glow, flourishes in the Palm Lawn in Pukekura Park.

"Flowers bring me the greatest joy and that's why I share them daily."

Moon flight foul-ups

SpaceX  chief executive Elon Musk plans to fly two private citizens around the moon next year.

Space flight ain't always silky smooth.

Giant 'Shaka' inspires no worries

The wooden hand stands at about six foot, three inches and weighs about one tonne.

"I've got a big old Stihl with a 36" bar on it, she's solid as," says an Oakura chainsaw artist.

A damn good grilling

Connor Yardley, 17, gets a grin on over his grilled chicken sandwich and vegetable and orzo salad.

Aaron Lock details the delights of grilling your good.

What's on in Taranaki

The New Plymouth Brass Band perform will perform at Saint Andrew's Church in New Plymouth before they head off to the ...

What's on this week?

Unity sings for the children

Unity Wara has been singing for 22 years and she has no plans of slowing down.

"Singing at my brothers' funerals was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I just had to put my love, heart and soul into it."

Don't be shy on prostate cancer

Get tested for prostate cancer.

Don't be shy on prostate cancer support

Vitamin D's vital role

A bit of time in the sun is good for your vitamin D levels.

A bit of sun can be good for your bones. Roger Hanson explains.

I just need somebody to love: Eve


Eve needs her Adam.

"It doesn't matter how big or small your bit of land is"

David Cripps and his seedsaving garden in Moturoa.

Swapping life in education for a life on the land.

Duckett's motorcycling soft spot

Graeme Duckett's 1952 AJS 500 single is his latest fling in a long affair with motorcycles.

Graeme Duckett fell in love with motorcycles as a young butcher's apprentice. The affair continues.

The day I became a vampire video

While the blood rushed to my face, I could feel a real comforting stretch in my spine as I hung from a hammock off a ceiling.

Brittany Baker has never wanted to develop a taste for blood. And then she started anti-gravity yoga.

Clearing off for Womad

Brooklands Zoo, ever popular with families, turns into Kidzone for Womad.

These animals just don't like to party.

Making a Mexican feast

CJ Needs and Jewel Hill make quesadillas.

Try these recipes for quesadillas, guacamole and tropical salsa.

Night Sky for March 2017

The Pleiades star constellation are close to setting in the Taranaki night sky this month.

An astronomical explanation of the sights in the heavens above Taranaki..

The probability of life

The Trappist-1 star, an ultracool dwarf, is orbited by seven Earth-size planets. Could they hold life?

The presence of human life on another of the 10 billion billion planets is very small.

When "King Dick" came to town

Before he became one of, if not, New Zealand's best ever leaders, Richard "King Dick" Seddon, was all set to move near ...

Richard John Seddon, is widely regarded as standing head and shoulders above all previous and subsequent premiers or prime ministers of New Zealand.

Fifty years ago

Former Taranaki Daily News editor Denis Garcia takes readers on a trip through the pages of the past.

Check out Taranaki's headline news from March '67.

Where have all the avos gone?

Marion and Gavin, love the new home and garden.  They are looking forward to this year's Fringe Festival.

A Bell Block couple, known for growing and selling wonderful spray-free avocados, have been focusing on something different.

The Taranaki Male Choir & guests

The male choirs of Taranaki and Wagga Wagga combined for a concert in New Plymouth

Male choirs of Wagga Wagga and Taranaki combine.

What's on in Taranaki

Bindu Rajendrenhas been performed at previous extravaganzas.

There are big bands, cultural shows and artists who have a bee in their bonnet about fracking.

Volunteering your way around Womad

Volunteering at Womad means Dennis Ngawhare gets to mind performers from around the world.

Volunteering at Womad means Dennis Ngawhare gets to mind performers from around the world.

A mind full of words

Elizabeth Knox, Wake, author of The Vintners Luck is appearing at Womad this year.

Kiwi writer Elizabeth Knox is heading to Womad for the first time. Virginia Winder finds out about a mind filled with words.

Have pumpkin, will party

Craig Ludlow chose pumpkin because it's in season during autumn and because his wife wanted to try pumpkin pie, here ...

 Virginia Winder finds a whole lot of good can come out of a pumpkin.

Actually tramping, outside, in the bush

The Mt Taranaki Ascending Project 20, with organiser Laura Warren.

After five weeks of doing fitness exercises, the Mt Taranaki Ascending 20 went for an actual tramp. Up big hills through the bush.

Te Reo Māori is not dead

Why shouldn't children learn  Te Reo Māori? asks our columnist.

Restricting tamariki (children) to only one worldview limits their education, writes Dennis Ngawhare.

89-year old 'pop star' video

Tahora musicians Tracey Haskell and Murray McCartie have collaborated on a CD of songs from the back country.

Mo McCartie had been composing songs in his head while out on the farm for years.

No top beaches for Taranaki, but why? video

Fitzroy Beach may be one of the most popular in New Plymouth, but the rest of the world hasn't realised how awesome it ...

It's Lonely Planet's #2 region but Taranaki has no beach in country's top 10. How can this be?

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