The daily brews

Awash as we are under a tsunami of complex and haughty craft beers it is often forgotten they make up just a fraction of the beer people actually drink.

Not only are craft beers prohibitively expensive, they are usually so intensely flavoured they feel like a three-course meal rather than the egalitarian amber you want to drink with your mates around a barbecue.

Not so with Tiger beer - a stalwart Singaporean tipple that has been available here since 2002 and is now in a flash new bottle - well, a bit flasher. Tiger beer is a sweet lager, lightly yellow in the glass and at around $20 a dozen at supermarkets it's a 5 per center that's both mellow on your wallet and palate.

Its inoffensive taste makes it a perfect beer to accompany food.

It doesn't get in the way of what you're eating or turn all petulant like a craft beer if you don't pick out the passionfruit, cherry and pomegranate hues it exudes.

Despite its namesake being a rather whiffy and dangerous creature, Tiger beer is the benign but friendly Steve from accounts who gets on with everyone. Sure, you're never going to be best mates but the experience isn't unpleasant.

For some reason most people think Tiger beer comes from Thailand or India and that can only be because their experience of those countries is limited to cheap BYO restaurants allegedly serving food from those locations.

Those restaurants tend to choose beer from those locations too.

Tiger beer is like the Heineken of the east. Cheap, abundant and flavoured just enough so you know it's beer. Matt Rilkoff.

Taranaki Daily News