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Small spaces can still be hotspots for great design.
Small spaces can still be hotspots for great design.

Having a small living area can have just as much impact and style as a large space! To create a haven for spending time with friends and family, we need to begin with the sofa. Look for a classic, streamlined couch in a fresh neutral.

Because your sofa is the largest and most expensive item, going in this direction ensures you a timeless look. Add some vibrantly patterned cushions, along with a vintage wood chair and a luxuriously upholstered occasional chair to complete the setting. Each piece should have a unique style but work together through a cohesive colour palette.

The key to creating a spacious feel is to have less furniture but at a larger scale. Having lots of small objects and furniture makes for a fussy and cluttered interior, emphasising the lack of space.

Rugs are great for helping define areas especially in small spaces. Sisal rugs are very much in vogue and add a natural texture and dimension to your living room. Pair the rug with a glass coffee table to give the impression of more floor space.

It is important to have dedicated zones without compromising function. So with an open-plan dining-lounge area, dividing the two spaces is a must. This can be done by hanging a pendant light above your dining table. A rug could be used, or a sofa table which sits behind your couch between the two areas.

Shelves utilise wall space, adding storage. Having a mix of open shelving and cabinetry means you can tidy away items but also display family books, collected travel items and picture frames, adding personality and intrigue to your interior. Look for furniture which is multi-purpose.

Mirrors framed beautifully reflect light and space.

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