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20:18, Sep 24 2012
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Butter chicken wraps

Delegation - now there's a buzz word of modern-day management.

But it's alive and well at Tony Varga's TLC Meats business in New Plymouth's Richmond Centre. The baton for this column is often passed among the crew and this week it ended up in Leanne Anderson's mitts.

She likes a few things in life but is a fanatic when it comes to butter chicken and Jack Reacher novels.

Most of you would be familiar with the butter chicken bit but probably less with Reacher who is a no-nonsense, ex-army MP turned drifter. He's author Lee Child's lead character and is an uncompromising sort of bloke who always seems to find trouble spots as he hitchhikes across America. If you believe everything you read he can punch as well as Muhammad Ali in his heydey and can take on six or seven goons at once. Even Ali couldn't do that.

By now you can guess that I, too, am a fan of Reacher and that puts me on a par with Leanne on both levels because I crave butter chicken as well.

"About a year ago I started making butter chicken wraps which come off the back of our best-selling chicken enchiladas," she said.


"Despite being a gourmet butcher and giving birth to a chef, I'm actually a lazy cook and the last thing I want to do after a hard day at work is slave away in the kitchen. I was after a tasty, fresh meal that required little or no preparation and was ready to put straight into the oven. The butter chicken wrap was born."

The butter chicken sauce TLC Meats gets from its supplier was the best she had tasted, so making the wraps was a doddle.

"I slice succulent thigh meat, add onions and the sauce and then roll it up in a wrap. Parsley is sprinkled over it as a finishing touch and it's ready for the oven. After about 35 minutes at 180C it's time to put Jack Reacher down and feast on this tasty morsel," she said with a glint in her eye.

You can just place them in a baking dish and cook them or put them on a rack if you like the wrap to be on the crispy side.

At $9 for a two-wrap pack it looked like a good deal. Her indoors was particularly impressed as she, like Leanne, is a working woman and the less fuss at grazing time the better. She's been trying to convert me to wraps as a healthy eating option for some time.

These little numbers of Leanne's may just have helped her cause.

But I went for a second opinion and gave workmate and Amber Army general Andy Jackson a pack to take home. Now Andy needs to be as fit as a fiddle to lead his band of Taranaki rugby diehards as they do their bit to defend the Ranfurly Shield so I thought these wraps were a healthy eating option for him.

He was fairly stoked.

"The chicken was nice and tender and the wraps had the perfect amount of crunch," he said.

"The butter chicken flavour was definitely there but could have done with a touch more spice [he's hot to trot]. Overall it was a quick, easy and nice meal served with a green garden salad."

Nice one Andy. Go Taranaki!

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