Add beauty to life outdoors

Life outside can be funky and fun. Or just relaxing.
Life outside can be funky and fun. Or just relaxing.

Summer is peeking around the corner and, with the heat arriving, so is the need for beautiful outdoor spaces; a place to light up the barbecue and enjoy a cool wine or beer.

The key to creating indoor-outdoor flow and success in your outdoor rooms is to put as much thought into your exterior spaces as your interior.

Installing an outdoor fireplace, centred around outdoor sofas, will allow you to use the space throughout the year. A perfect spot to cozy up and watch the flames, or chat with friends and family.

On a clear summer evening, why not lace the edges of the fireplace with tea light candles and delicate flowers.

To really transform a seating area into an outdoor room, select the finishing details with thought. Look for stylish side tables, lanterns and cushions.

Dining outdoors is much more intimate and creates atmosphere if the space is contained. The way to achieve this is to add a ceiling to the space. This could be an umbrella, sailcloth or a length of fabric stretching between the house and two poles.

Different levels of decking, or a mixture of timber and outdoor tiles, adds interest and definition between areas.

Imagine sliding open the doors, walking out on to your deck where you dine, then stepping down into another outdoor room to lounge in. You may define the lounge space by planting the edges or installing box seating. Having a path leading through to a lovely grass area for the kids to play in is a recipe for a happy home.

Take pleasure in the longer days with your outdoor rooms and enjoy creating a beautiful life.

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