Beef farmers invite dairies to day

Dairy and beef farmers alike will benefit from the Taranaki Beef Focus Day at Tariki next week.

The day is being organised by the Taranaki Beef Focus Group, established by the Western North Island Farmers' Council of Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

Council member Bryan Hocken, of Tarata, hopes dairy farmers will join beef farmers at the day, which is being hosted by Robin and Jacqueline Blackwell at Mangaotea Farm.

"It's about raising good heifers before dairy farmers send them out grazing on the first of May," Hocken said.

"If dairy farmers can get them up to a good weight before they go out grazing, there's a much better chance of getting them to the target weight."

The theme of the day was summer health and profitable technology, he said.

Topics to be discussed include keeping calves healthy over summer, growing weaner calves, the effectiveness of drenches and making the most of smart electronic identification.

It is the third Taranaki Beef Focus Day this year and will be facilitated by Totally Vets consultant Trevor Cook, of Feilding.

Another three will be held next year.

The days are funded by levies paid by farmers to Beef+Lamb NZ.

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