Waverley A&P show

Results were:

Equestrian: Champion show hunter horse, Borthwicks Cup: Cortaflex Kiwi Motto, Chloe Akers.

Champion show hunter pony, Joan Hurley Cup: Reid 'n' Dale Riverdance, George Duncan.

Show ring - Champion novice pony up to 148cm: Dragonwyck Bollinger, Jakartia Munro-Smith; reserve Phoenician Smalltalk, Ashleigh Story.

Champion pony up to 148cm: Nala Nicholai's Fern, Lauren Dolan; reserve, Laurieston Dream Chaser, Axel Oswald.

Saddle hunter ponies: Champion novice: Desert Storm, Kaia Patene; reserve, Mahogany Rockafella, Ruby Munro-Smith.

Champion saddle hunter pony: Maxwelton Stinger, Brenna Tait; reserve: Apollo's Legacy, Natalie Power.

Supreme champion: Nala Nicholai's Fern, Laura Dolan.

New Zealand Riding Pony Society sash: Nala Nicholia's, Lauren Dolan 1, Laurieston Dream Chaser, Axel Oswald 2, Maxwelton Minnie Me, Denby-Rose Tait 3.

Best rider 11 years and under: Mahogany Rockafella, Ruby Munro 1, Desert Storm, Kaia Patene 2, Maxwelton Stinger, Brenna Tait 3.

Best rider 12-16 years: Nala Nicholai's Fern, Lauren Dolan 1, Apollo's Legacy, Natalie Power 2, Laurieston Dream Chaser, Axel Oswald 3.

Riding horse, champion: Claim To Fame, Josephine Lochhead; reserve: Brand x Chance, Neta Burnside.

Hacks: Champion: Woodygoodwin, Charlotte O'Beirne; reserve: Zanzipour, Cara Norling.

Saddle hunter horses, champion: Jake, Paula Glasgow; reserve: Solomon, Megan Gundensen.

Supreme champion hack: Jake, Paula Glasgow.

Working hunter horses, champion: Decadius, Heather McDonald; reserve: Bravado II, Sonya Glennie.

Working hunter ponies, champion: Skibbereen Kentucky, Claudia Hurley; reserve: Tuis Keepsake, Samantha Megchelse.

Pleasure horse: Pony senior, champion: Pipsqueak, Alyson Maccintosh; reserve: Toblerone, Laura Neale.

Pleasure pony, junior champion, 9-12 years: Flicker, Alicia How; reserve, Jiggysaw, Isabella Hibell; junior, 13-17 years, champion: Ruby, Taylor Morrison; reserve: Miss Cue, Shannon Coull.

Miniature horses: Champion youngstock, category A; Vickie Harvey, Bluegables Rant-n-ravin; reserve: Betty Mcknight, Pakaraka Samis Impressive Lady.

Champion youngstock, category B: Kathryn Waitere, Te Ngawai's Tumanako.

Champion mare, category A: Sarah Jane Mcclintock, Jurosslie Ice Queen; reserve: Shelley and Andrew Amer, Pepper Ridges Summer Breeze.

Champion mare, category B: Diane Bishell, Country Charms Maxs Poetic Justice; reserve: Sharon Stevens, Bellemara Feathers Zsa Zsa.

Champion stallion, category A: Diane Bishell, B M Cadences Desperado; reserve: Sharon Stevens, Rodencairn West Wind Reflection.

Champion stallion, category B: Cindy Hosking, Arcadia Destined For Revenge.

Champion gelding, category A: Susan Baker, Havenstocks Providential; reserve: Ashley Murtagh- Patterson, Gemtime Betya Boots.

Champion gelding, category B: Jasmine Harrison, Oaklahoma Rockets Legend; reserve: Jasmine Harrison, Bellemara Feathers Guy.

Supreme champion, category A, Vickie Harvey, Bluegables Rant-n- ravin.

Supreme champion, category B, Diane Bishell, Country Charms Maxs Poetic Justice.

Home industries: Roses, best entry and points prize: Jill Lennox. Cut flowers, champion: Diane Lance; points prize: Sue Aiken. Cookery, points prize: Diane Sanson. Art and craft, points prize: Joy Aiken. Decorative, champion: Nancye Smith; points prize: Cheryl Rook. Best design, novice and intermediate: Jennifer Loveridge. Competition bay: Waverley Playcentre.

Lambs: Gift lamb: E Lennox 1, S and K Rainey 2, Shadow Downs 3. Export lambs: E Lennox 1, I and A Symes 2, I and A Symes 3.

Dog trials: Open: Graham Northcott, Julz 1, Dawn Stewart, Pack 2, Wendy Schmidt, Dream 3.

Intermediate: Graham Northcott, Julz 1, Dawn Stewart, Pack 2, Lloyd Duffy, Saint 3.

Maiden: Dawn Stewart, Pack 1, Lloyd Duffy, Saint 2, Daniel Smith, Jess 3.

Local man and dog: Daniel Smith, Jess 1.

Fencing: Wayne Newdick and John Steadman 1.

Boys and girls

Calves: Dairy type, champion: Isabelle Radford; reserve: Joshua Keech.

Care and attention, champion: Matthew O'Rourke; reserve: Louise Clifton.

Leading, champion: Baileigh Collins; reserve: Emma Cathie.

Grand champion: Louise Clifton; reserve: Emma Cathie.

Most points, jersey: Louise Clifton; friesian, Joshua Keech.

Group of three calves: Turuturu School 1, Manaia School 2, Auroa School 3.

Lambs: champion: Kyra Garrett; reserve: Sera Raj.

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