Older farmers told to change ways on safety

19:06, Nov 24 2012

Older farmers are the ones who need to change their attitude to safety, says Hawera motorcycle retailer Brian O'Dea.

He attended a recent meeting of retailers, training organisations, insurance companies and service organisations called by Taranaki Federated Farmers to discuss farm safety.

"Bigger farmers are more proactive in managing safety on their farms, but many older farmers need to change their ways," O'Dea said.

Poor maintenance of quad bikes could make them unsafe, he said. They should be serviced regularly, at a minimum of every six months.

Businesses can collect bikes from farms for servicing.

A minority of farmers stopped spending money on servicing their machinery if they were struggling. O'Dea said. They were focused on saving money, but regular servicing could save lives.

O'Dea said quad bikes were designed to tow a maximum of 400,000 kilograms, and PKE trailers were too heavy.

"A quad bike can't stop when it's towing 11/2 tonnes."


Taranaki Daily News