Roadshow: time for tough questions

Taranaki dairy farmers are being urged to attend next week's Fonterra roadshow for director candidates in this year's election.

The roadshow is an opportunity for farmers to ask the candidates tough questions, Coastal Taranaki Fonterra shareholders' councillor Nick Barrett says.

The 11 candidates for three seats on the board will be in Stratford next Wednesday.

Fonterra shareholders can meet, question and listen to the contenders for Fonterra's top table at the roadshow which is touring the country next week.

"It is shareholders' responsibility to make an informed decision that benefits the co-op," Barrett said.

"Participating in the roadshow is also a part of demonstrating our right of ownership and control.

"I encourage shareholders to continue their engagement with their co-op by attending the meeting."

He said support from Taranaki farmers was essential to ensure the roadshow continued in future.

"Shareholders have asked for the meeting, we have received it, and if we want to keep it here, we have to get there in numbers."

The candidates are incumbents Nicola Shadbolt and chairman-elect John Wilson, North Taranaki farmer and former Fonterra Shareholders' Council chairman Blue Read, Donna Smit, Grant Rowan, Jan Marten Kingma, Michael Spaans, Eric Ray, Grant Cochrane, Jacqueline Rowarth and Lachie Cameron.

Voting packs have now been posted to shareholders.

Voting started this week and will continue until December 15.

Taranaki Daily News