Saucy little number to dress up fillets

19:30, Dec 10 2012
tdbn basil stand
Kingfish coated in basil-cream sauce

Hear ye, hear ye fellow seafood lovers . . . there are changes afoot with All at Sea.

In the New Year, we want to trawl your recipe book drawers for your favourite fish recipes.

Taranaki, half surrounded by the Tasman Sea as it is, is a pleasure fisherman's paradise when the weather plays ball.

Since this column began, some of you have offered your special dishes and we have showcased those.

But we want more because we know there is latent cooking talent among you just waiting to be discovered.

Make copies of your preferred dish including your name and contact number and email them to, post it to Peter Bingham, PO Box 444, New Plymouth 4340 or drop them in at our front counter in Currie St.


Once we sift through the offerings, we will contact the creators of those we choose.

They will feature in All at Sea with tips from you and a little bit of help from Egmont Seafoods, which will provide the fish for your dish.

Egmont Seafoods managing director Keith Mawson is dead keen on the idea.

"Taranaki people have always lived from the sea.

"We're lucky our waters are full of such a wide variety of edible fish and we want to continue to promote it as a healthy food option.

"I know there are recipes out there people would love to share."

Meantime, his offsider, Peter Bennett, has come up with another of his delicious fish toppings (basil cream sauce) to top off some succulent kingfish fillets.

"This dish is by far the easiest one I've made and would be in my top five for taste," he said.

"It is another attempt to redeem my last failed sauce effort - all the while keeping the cholesterol pills away.

"I achieved it with the added bonus of using a low-fat cream which my doc will be pleased about," he said.

"The sauce is very refreshing, great to taste and has that 'it's got to be good for you' feel to it so go and enjoy."


4 fresh fish fillets (snapper, tarakihi, salmon, kingfish, trevally, red cod, gurnard)

3 Tbsp finely chopped fresh basil

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tbsp drained capers optional

cup low-fat (lite) sour cream

Mix the basil, lemon juice, caper and sour cream together until combined into a smooth cream sauce.

Grill, poach, steam or pan fry fish on a hotplate

I did the hotplate cooking option with Kingfish fillets.

Use a little cooking oil on the plate and make sure the plate is very hot before cooking.

Cook fillets one side for three to four minutes then turn and cook for another three minutes.

Turn the element or gas off, cover with a pot lid or foil and leave to cook for a few more minutes. This removes the risk of over-cooking and drying the fillets out.

Do not be concerned if you leave them for a little longer under cover than stated - they will not dry out if you have sure not to over cook the fish in the first instance.

Serve with basil cream sauce and a side of your choice of steamed vegetables, rice or a salad.

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