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Though the feijoa fruit comes from South America it has become very much part of a New Zealander's palate. We add it into everything and lots of things we probably should not. Ever tried feijoa honey? You should not. Feijoa wine is about the same. Sickly sweet and similar in smell to the vomit of a young child who drank too much Fanta at a birthday party.

It would be fair to point out I brought all of these preconceptions to drinking Mac's Isaac's Cider with its added feijoa and braced myself for the worst. And actually it was not that bad. Its feijoa taste is not overpowering nor is the cider too sweet, like a lot of them these days. I drank it cold, as is recommended, and straight from the bottle, which was probably a mistake. It would have been better poured over ice and consumed with hearty abandon in the sun. In fact, it would probably be worth doing it twice, though after the taste would probably get a little tiresome.

Best shared with some mates. It is a limited edition so do not dally if you want to get hold of some. Matt Rilkoff

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