Eco-chic home

01:09, Feb 08 2013
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A thoughtful spatial plan and making good use of natural light are keys to creating a stylish eco-friendly home.

Smart design, beginning with a thoughtful spatial plan, a selection of low maintenance and eco-friendly building materials, along with products from sustainable  resources sets the tone for an eco-chic home.

Begin by considering the climate and location of your home. Orientate your home to gain maximum sunlight, some shade and light breezes.

This will save you money in heating and cooling your home. Likewise, planning for overhangs, rainwater catchment, solar thermal hot water systems and making best use of natural light can ensure your home is  energy and cost-efficient.

If you already have a lovely family home, there are other ways to add the eco-chic style to your space. Start by repurposing and recycling old furniture. Check out all your local second-hand stores and opportunity shops. It is a  rewarding feeling to source one-off individual and original items. Look for pieces with an interesting shape or design. To update, sand and repaint with eco-friendly paint and decorating products.

Amidst your thrift store treasure hunting, should you find an interesting sofa or chair, re-upholster with sustainable fabrics.

This allows you to reuse the frame and foam, updating the fabric to fit your design style.


You may want to buy some new items, so buy New Zealand-made furniture and fittings as it neutralises the carbon footprint.

When you feel it's time to change or replace a certain piece, shift it to a different room or gift to a family member.

Whether you are building a new home or updating your current space, enjoy the magic of sanding back old timber, finding home treasures and creating a beautiful life.

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