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Last updated 08:22 22/01/2013

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In summer we often feel like a refreshing and different way to rehydrate. On a hot day, an ice block can hit the spot.

Ice blocks (or ice pops, popsicles or ice lollies) are a water-based frozen snack, with sales of more than two billion per year.

The Ice Bar Co has produced a range of ice blocks tailored, but not exclusive, to adults. They are available in three flavours: Classic brewed ginger beer; lemon, lime and bitters and summer peach ice tea. They retail at $8.99 for a pack of six.

All the ingredients are natural and flavour is The Ice Bar Co's motto. So let's see what's in them.

Water is the first ingredient, good start - no calories there.

The second ingredient is cane sugar - for sweetness. There are three teaspoons of sugar per ice block.

Brewed ginger beer extract is added for flavour.

Next is a second source of sugar, glucose syrup (from maize).

Lemon juice is included for a tart flavour and it also boosts the vitamin C content. Also contributing to the flavour are citric acidis, a natural preservative, and malic acidis.

There are natural flavours added, but not specified, and the final ingredient is vegetable gum (pectin) used as a gelling agent. Pectin can contribute to the fibre content, but in this case it's not a significant source of fibre due to the small quantity.

That's it, just nine ingredients, not too much sugar, and they are YUM.

A standard serve is 73 millilitres, not enough to rehydrate on, so grab a cup or bottle of water as well to really quench that summer-time thirst. Prepared by Lisa Wynter, a NZ Registered Dietitian.

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- Taranaki Daily News

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