Mother's Day at Waiau Estate

23:25, May 10 2010

Where: Waiau Estate Winery & Cafe, Onaero (revisit)

Coffee count: 9 out of 10

Barista: Joshua Aldworth

Beans: Ozone Coffee, New Plymouth

The buzz: On a Saturday afternoon topped with high cloud, everything is peaceful at Waiau Estate. It is, of course, the calm before the storm of Mother's Day, for which the place was fully booked. During our visit, we sit outside by the fire, drinking in the garden greenery and good espresso. The barista is a pleasant young man who has dreams of entering coffee-making competitions. He should. The flat white he sets before me is up there with the best. It smells of cigar smoke and tastes of chocolate and marzipan. There is no bitter, but a slight tang, like berries. The milk froth is a little flouncy, like a skirt supported by tulle, but it remains to the end. Curling through the froth is a decent dollop of kauri-coloured crema and the temperature is spot on. There is some confusion about who actually made my coffee, but when that is confirmed, the young barista is polite and slightly self-effacing. That somehow fits with the peace of a low- key afternoon at Waiau Estate.

Short shot: People who drink coffee may be less likely to end up in hospital with heart rhythm problems, a new study shows. Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California followed more than 130,000 men and women and found that those who reported drinking four or more cups of coffee each day had an 18 per cent lower risk of hospitalisation for heart rhythm disturbances. Those who reported drinking one to three cups each day had a 7 per cent reduction in risk, the study's lead investigator, Arthur Klatsky, said in a press release.

Flat white forecast: A mother bird feeds her baby in the surface of this week's coffee. If you look carefully, you will see the large bird formed by pale froth and the open-mouthed chick in white below. This is all about nurturing your young with nourishing, healthy food and with love. There could also be a psychological message in there, telling you to nurture the child within yourself. The latter sounds a bit cliched, so let's stick to a reminder about caring for the young. All of them. Let's put into practice that idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Let's be that village.


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