The journey so far

23:22, Dec 14 2009

Reviewing a product like fish and chips is not a job for the faint hearted. It requires fortitude, focus, a fighting spirit and a total disregard for your personal health.

So even though the whole thing has only been going a few months, it feels like much longer, making it a good time to review the journey so far.

Unfairly, it begins with a change of rules. Marinovich's, one of the first takeaways reviewed, is disqualified. Its chips are delicious and its fish was the best so far, but it's more of a restaurant than a takeout. Sorry, guys.

The best so far, then, is the Elvie Postma-recommended Flying Dragon Takeaways in Westown. Nothing fancy, nothing flash, just damn good fish and chips. The worst by far goes to Stratford's Yummies, which seemed to go out of its way to contradict its name.

To be honest, everything else has been pretty good and a far cry from the hit-and-miss game that Friday takeouts used to be when I was a teen well back in the early '90s.

Which brings us to Vogletown Takeaways, which sports a sign calling itself the best fish and chip shop in Taranaki. Crikey.

It was a busy little place and had a board chock full of deals. I didn't want any of them but panicked and got a fish, a hotdog, a sausage, scoop of chips and four potato fritter deal for something like $10.

The fish was trevally and despite always thinking of it as bait, it was a great piece of fish. The chips were nice and golden and the fritters were crisp and frittery. The sausage and the hotdog were standard fare and, along with two of the spare fritters went to the chickens.

Everything was OK but too damn oily. Definitely not as good as I would expect from the best chip shop in Taranaki, self-styled or not.


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