Pasty offering

Christmas in our family is always a big day. Both sides of the whanau are quite large (even though neither is Catholic), so it takes a lot of logistical planning to get everyone in the same place each year.

This time round, however, my dad's family decided - after a few threats from the formidable Auntie Glenn - Christmas Day itself was going to be too much trouble and opted for an early celebration in Auckland instead.

We headed up on the Friday night, late after work and, thankfully, Mokau still had a fish and chip shop open.

I'd been to The Cove before and ordered one of its burgers, which - like the formidable Auntie Glenn - I found a wee bit daunting. This time we opted for chips, one fish, six chicken nuggets and a spring roll.

Sad to say, it was a disappointment. Everything was just a bit inspid - and a slightly offputting pasty colour like ladies' legs that haven't seen enough sun.

The chips were pale and a little limp, the fish looked like it had been battered, then frozen, and the spring roll was greasy and tasteless.

On the other hand, the chicken nuggets were good. But, then, how can you possibly stuff up chicken nuggets?

All in all, a bit of a failure. But I'd still be willing to give The Cove another chance. I might just return to the formidable burgers, though.

2 out of 5

Taranaki Daily News