The Lobster Pot

22:10, Jan 11 2010
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Matt Rilkoff and Kirsty Johnston begin a fortnightly taste test of Taranaki's fish-and-chip shops.

My granny's boyfriend reckons the Lobster Pot chippy in Fitzroy is the best there is - so much so, he drives halfway across town on Fridays for their weekly fish and chip dinner.

I was beginning to feel rude for not checking it out myself, so when I found myself on the recovery end of an Irishman's stag party, it seemed the obvious choice.

Unfortunately, it was also the choice a hyperactive and clearly quite deranged kid had chosen. He jumped around and screamed like a a bad migraine and within three seconds, I had come up with 12 ways to get rid of the little tyke. A few seconds later, I was actively stopping myself from encircling his throat with my very angry hands. Then he left. Lucky for him.

The Lobster Pot has all the same things you would expect of a takeaway, so it's sort of like looking into your mum's pantry or your undie drawer.

That being said, I opted for a fish burger ($5.50) and a scoop of chips ($2.50). I didn't really want a whole scoop, but I'm always unsure about asking for half. Some offer them, some don't and the service was less than personable, so I decided not to risk it. Well, the food took about 10 minutes and in that time a lot of people came in, so they must feel the same as my granny's fella. But I don't.

While the chips were good and well salted, etc, the fish burger was too difficult to eat. All the good bits slipped out and there was too much tartare sauce.

No complaints about the actual fish or the fillings. Perfect and delicious. But it all ended up a gooey mess. Less would have been more in this case, especially with the iceberg lettuce.

- MR


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