North Star disappointment

00:24, Jan 26 2010
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Matt Rilkoff and Kirsty Johnston begin a fortnightly taste test of Taranaki's fish-and-chip shops.

Life is full of disappointments. One of the biggest of these is returning home from a lovely, sunny holiday on the other side of the island to find the town you live in just the same as you left it - cold, miserable and windy.

When that happened to me recently, I tried to ease my despair by ordering fish and chips from North Star takeaways near Pak 'N Save in New Plymouth.

What else but piping hot chips and crisp battered fish could revive the feeling of summer and sunshine I'd revelled in only hours before? Well, nothing else for under $20, except for perhaps a sun bed, but I'm not one for melanoma, thank you.

At North Star, we ordered chips, a fish, two scallops and, just to mix things up a little, a curry roll.

And, I tell you what, that curry roll was good. It was just like a splendidly cooked spring roll - crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside - but it tasted of curry and had a red dot on the pastry.

Sad to say, the rest of the meal wasn't so flash.


The chips were overcooked, the fish chewy and the scallops all right, but not worth $1.80 each.

I'll guess I'll just add it to my list of disappointments.

- KJ


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