Bach was humming

02:36, Jan 19 2010

Christmas and New Year have taken their toll on the puku - so much so that when the boss says jump these days, the response is which way, not how high.

It wasn't a resolution for 2010, but a veiled promise was made to the mirror to lose some weight over the next few months.

When a colleague and I lined up at the Bach on Breakwater last week, we both honoured the pledge by ordering vegetarian (this is a true story). My option was a pizza ($9.90), while he went for the corn fritter ($10.90). It was a nice day, so we went for an outside seat, which allows a magnificent view of the activity at the lee breakwater boat ramp, with Port Taranaki in the background.

The pizza, which included tomato, cheese, potato and spinach, was passable, but my mate reckons the price of corn must have gone through the roof because he could count the kernels in his fritter on his digits. Skimping on the corn is a common fault with commercial fritter makers.

Maybe we struck a bad batch, because the place was humming. But we decided this would be the only time we would dally with vegetarian this year. As another colleague once said: "Vegetarian food is OK with a steak alongside it."

Having said that, the side salads with both dishes were fresh and contained (to both our taste) a tasty slice of red onion.

Perhaps when the sun is really beating down, we might return to the Bach for a second sample.


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