Duped by a charming psycho

03:03, May 13 2014

What a coincidence that a full page review of Kevin Dutton's book on ''good'' psychopaths should follow straight after a story about ''notorious'' Monty Scott (Taranaki Daily News, May 10, pages 16 and 17).

Monty was obviously a classic psychopath and his life story gave a far more accurate picture than the book review of what psychopathy is truly about i.e. abandoned children, broken families, serial adultery, abuse of women, alcoholism, theft, fraud, reckless behaviour, deceiving people, using people, no conscience, no remorse, no responsibility.

If this is the sort of person Dutton is encouraging us all to be I'd say he himself has been well and truly duped by a shining, charming, ''successful'' person with this damaging personality disorder; someone just like his co- author and self-confessed psychopath, Andy McNab.


New Plymouth


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