Eltham group now well versed in poetry

17:00, May 15 2014

Take it from a person who should know, poems don't always have to rhyme.

Yesterday, award-winning poet and writer Elizabeth Smither was in Eltham to discuss all things poetry, including reading a few of her own verses.

She told the small gathering at Eltham's Library Plus not to worry about whether a poem rhymed or not.

"The most important thing is to say exactly what you want to say," she said.

Along with reading some of her own poetry, Smither handed out work by other poets to be shared and read by her audience.

She said people should not be put off if they did not understand a poem at first glance.

"A good poem gives you more and more as you read it," Smither, who won the Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in Poetry in 2008, said.

Her book of poetry, The Lark Quartet, also won the Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry in 2000.

The event was organised by Maree Liddington in an attempt to inspire people to write poetry about Eltham to be included in an exhibition she had planned to hold at a local gallery in August.


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