College students learn author's secrets

17:00, May 20 2014

Spotswood College students took the chance to learn more about one of New Zealand's leading authors yesterday.

Elizabeth Knox was at the college as part of the New Zealand Post Book Awards tour, meeting readers and fielding questions about life as a writer.

She is a finalist in the book awards for her latest young adults fiction, Mortal Fire.

Knox, who also wrote The Vintner's Luck, told students the book came about as she lay in bed with a high fever: "I started having this dream where I met an angel in an old Spanish mansion, and he started telling me about a story about the relationships in his life."

Students also wanted to know how hard it was for Knox to get her first work published, whether she attended university and how she writes her books.

Knox answered their questions in her stride.


"The standard questions are: ‘Where you get your ideas from?' or ‘What's your favourite book?'," Knox said.

Asked how she feels when readers compliment her work, Knox said she felt "very happy and proud".

Knox also said she was keen to pay Taranaki another visit.

"The last three times I'd been here, it's been raining and I haven't seen the mountain."

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