Elite Taranaki cheerleaders live up to their name

00:27, May 25 2014
Elite Cheer NZ
MEDALLISTS: Elite Cheer NZ squad members, from left, Christine Podjurski, 18, Abbey Fox, 15, and Arnez Close, 18, are still celebrating.

A group of Taranaki cheerleaders have won a silver medal on the world stage.

Elite Cheer NZ, the New Plymouth-based cheerleading squad, won second place at the COA Ultimate National Championship in Orlando, Florida, recently.

The senior level two team were a mere 1.33 points behind Essex's Crimson Heat Tigers.

Team co-coach Nicola Lind said the 22-strong team, made up of 21 girls and one boy, aged from 13 to 18, were pumped up by the result.

"They beat the American teams, which was great," she said.

"That's where it was born and it's huge over there so that's amazing."


Lind and her co-coach Amy Williams have 135 students through the gym doors each week and every one of them has been affected by the team's result.

"The best thing from going on this trip is that it has actually affected our whole gym," she said.

"The kids have brought back with them great memories".

New skills were learned team-wide and the coaches will be implementing new training techniques in the gym.

It cost approximately $180,000 to get the team and its 18 support crew to the event and back.

Lind said the cost was definitely worth it.

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