Fiery end for shed full of farm equipment

20:52, May 27 2014
A shed on fire on Barrett Rd.

The thick plume of black smoke pouring from a farm shed fire just south of New Plymouth rose so high into the sky the shed's owner could see it from Bell Block.

The smoke from the fire on Barrett Rd billowed hundreds of metres into the near perfectly still air and clear skies yesterday morning, before firefighters were able to tap into a town supply water and bring the blaze under control.

Taranaki fire area manager Pat Fitzell, of New Plymouth, said the fire at the shed was well involved by the time firefighters arrived at the scene around 10am and there was no chance of saving it.

"Once the iron collapses in on it, it gets harder for us to get water on it," he said.

The shed was believed to have contained farm bikes, machinery, fertiliser and other agricultural chemicals which combined to create an acrid smoke one bystander remarked to smelling similar to burning polystyrene.

Fitzell said the owner of the shed had been able to see the smoke from the fire from Bell Block, where he was when it broke out.

"So he knew were home was," Fitzell said.

No one was hurt in the blaze and firefighters were not treating it as suspicious.


Taranaki Daily News