Cargo ship damaged during storm

17:00, May 28 2014

A Singaporean cargo ship is being investigated by Maritime New Zealand after it was damaged in high seas at the weekend.

The Taranaki Daily News understands Lake Triview was brought to port on Tuesday after being damaged while anchored at sea in stormy conditions off the coast of New Plymouth on Saturday night.

Port Taranaki chief executive Roy Weaver said the port was closed to shipping at the weekend because of the weather, and ships sent to sea.

Bill Preston, of Phoenix Shipping Agencies Limited, said he could neither confirm or deny the ship had been damaged during the storm.

However, Maritime New Zealand confirmed they were "conducting an inspection and investigation into the incident," a spokesperson said.

Preston said he wasn't sure how long the inspection of the ship, which was built in 2009, would take.


Weaver said because the damage happened at sea, it was out of the Port Taranaki's control.

"Sometimes if conditions are severe, the anchor will drag and it appears that's what has happened," he said.

"We have taken the ship to port so it can be assessed for damage, or the extent of the damage. It's now an issue between Maritime New Zealand and the vessel's owner."

Lake Triview was carrying a load of soya meal and is scheduled to leave port on Friday.

Taranaki Daily News