Ucol chairman to wear two hats

Witt council deputy chairman Malcolm Inglis now has a foot in two camps.

Inglis has been named the new chairman of Palmerston North's Ucol council board. He replaces Trevor Goodwin who was on the board for one four-year term.

Goodwin told the Taranaki Daily News there was no indication he was about to be dropped after one term and the decision was disappointing.

The appointment was announced by Tertiary Minister Steven Joyce earlier this month.

Yesterday Witt chairwoman Mary Bourke said Inglis' appointment would mean a better collaboration between the two institutes.

"We're looking at relationships that'll be beneficial for both sides and also beneficial to students," Bourke said.

Being able to share learning resources between the institutes could be one of the collaboration's advantages, she said.

Asked if there was a potential merger between the two institutes in the future, Bourke said it was not on the cards at the moment.

"No, definitely not," she said. "It's not being discussed either by the Witt council or by the Minister with me."

Bourke said the emphasis has always been on a "closer collaboration" rather than "being forced" into mergers with any "particular institution".

Taranaki Daily News