Police urge motorists to 'make it to Monday'

17:00, May 30 2014

'Make it to Monday" is the message for motorists this Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Last year there were no fatal crashes in New Zealand over the holiday period for the first time since records began.

"Long weekends where no one dies on the roads are possible," Automobile Association spokesman Mike Noon said.

In an attempt to repeat the fatality-free long weekend, police are urging motorists to wear their seatbelts, keep to the speed limit and avoid drink-driving.

"We want them to make it to Monday, to get to their destination, have a good time and then make it back home safely," said Sergeant Pat Duffy, of New Plymouth.

The holiday period started at 4pm yesterday and ends at 6am on Tuesday.


Police will be strictly enforcing a reduced speed threshold of 4km per hour during the period, Duffy said. "Anyone who is 5km or more over [the speed limit] can expect to be stopped."

Everyone who was stopped would also be breath-tested and there would be zero tolerance for not wearing a seat belt.

Taranaki's road toll is at six for the year, with the latest fatal crash only five days ago. "With our track record this year, we all need to take a good, long look at ourselves when we get behind the wheel," Senior Sergeant Bruce Irvine said.

Given the forecast for frosts, people would need to be aware of the conditions," he added.

"It's the usual message; it's not like people don't know it."

Taranaki Daily News