City finds favour with Chiefs fans

01:06, Jun 02 2014

For Hamiltonians Gavin and Lyn Shepherd, a Chiefs game is the perfect excuse for a weekend in Taranaki.

The couple were in the region with friends for the first match against the Blues on May 9, and had stayed for the weekend both times.

"It's a vibrant, exciting place with heaps to do," Gavin said.

It had helped that Taranaki had put on perfect weather both occasions, and they thought the drive along the coast from Awakino added to the experience.

Last time they went for a long walk along the walkway to Te Rewa Rewa bridge and this time they had a meal at Arborio and planned to check out a few art galleries.

"It's a lovely spot, it's a bloody cool spot," Gavin said.


He noticed the crowd at Yarrow Stadium was different to the one at home. "It's a purist rugby crowd, whereas the Hamilton crowd is more there for the entertainment."

The couple went to Melbourne to see the Chiefs last year, but were less enthused about a trip to Canberra to watch the match against the Brumbies in April.

"We've had season passes for 15 years, we go to games, meet some people, have a nice night out and catch up," Gavin said.

He said a win on Saturday might have helped sway the die-hard Hurricanes fans, but the Chiefs would have to earn Taranaki's support.

"These guys know about rugby, they appreciate rugby. They'll be right behind the Chiefs in a year or so."

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