Pig-Out Point car park just as messy as ever

The litter issue at Pig-Out Point - New Plymouth's favourite seaside car park eatery - took a twist yesterday when the finger was pointed at mowing contractors.

The remains of food rubbish chomped up by the blades of mowers could be seen strewn over a bank there yesterday. There were also plenty of other food and drink containers around the area alongside full rubbish bins.

Litterers' bad habits made news headlines last year when the New Plymouth District Council decided to remove all the rubbish bins.

The move, aimed at prompting people to take away their own rubbish, was deemed a failure and the bins went back late last year.

Yesterday, complaints to the Taranaki Daily News prompted a news team visit to the city's controversial Hobson St car park - and the mess was obvious.

Council parks manager Mark Bruhn confirmed the council had received a complaint - but it was the only complaint for the whole of the previous month, he said.

"There's been very little feedback. It's been pretty good," he said.

The mowing contractors would be spoken to. "They are supposed to pick up the rubbish before they mow," he said.

Council staff were keeping an eye on the area and staff regularly spoke to locals who kept a close watch on the car park. Rubbish was collected twice a day, through summer and winter, he said.

To date no one had received a fine for littering.

Flying Trowels worker David-Allen Falconer and a co-worker were enjoying chips during their lunch break at the car park yesterday.

Falconer said from what he observed during his visits to the car park the rubbish continued to be a problem. Full rubbish bins which had more rubbish stacked on top were common, he said.

Lisa Albers and Jo Thompson-Garrett were loving the extensive sea views from the nearby picnic table while also eating their lunch.

"I don't understand why they don't have recycling bins down here," Albers said.

Thompson agreed: "They do need the bins here."

They agreed everyone should take more responsibility to keep the area clean.

The nearby Tasman Club and RSA have both made submissions to the council asking for security cameras and better lighting for the car park. These will be heard at the annual plan hearings today at the civic centre.

Taranaki Daily News