Resident fed up with vandalism

Jesse Byers cleans up the mess vandals made on Pioneer Rd.
Jesse Byers cleans up the mess vandals made on Pioneer Rd.

A New Plymouth resident is contemplating a move after his car window was smashed in a large-scale vandalism attack overnight on Monday.

Jesse Byers said three cars from his household had their windows broken in the attack.

"It's a mess," he said. "The driver's window on two of the cars has been smashed and the rear window on my car. They aren't cheap to replace."

The cars were among 28 vehicles parked on Breakwater Rd, Pioneer Rd and Barrett Rd that had windows smashed overnight on Monday.

Byers said he had only been living at the property about a month and was already thinking about moving. One of the cars had been broken into before."

The 20-year-old returned home from the hospital with his young child about 3am, so says the vandals hit after that.

New Plymouth police Senior Sergeant Robbie O'Keefe said the vandals had smashed the windows with some type of solid object.

"Nothing has been taken; it's just mindless damage to 28 cars."

Because of the large number of cars damaged police believe the offenders were in a vehicle.

Olivia Day was another resident whose driver's window was smashed in.

"I just don't understand why people do it," she said.

The attack comes just a week after five cars, two trucks and more than 12 properties were hit by vandals who left a trail of tagging stretching from Devon Intermediate down Devon St West to Seaview Rd and on to Cook St.

O'Keefe said police had not ruled out a connection between the two acts of vandalism but said the taggers would have been on foot, while those who smashed the car windows were mobile.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the offenders and the vehicle used.

Anyone with information can contact New Plymouth police on 759 5500.

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