Kindy kids' artwork takes pride of place

23:58, Jun 04 2014
Pukekura Kindergarten's winning artwork was transformed into a bright Welcome to New Plymouth billboard.

Pukekura Kindergarten watched with pride as their winning artwork was transformed into a colourful welcome to New Plymouth billboard erected atop Burgess Park Hill yesterday.

Taking centre stage on top of the hill is the artwork of Thomas Kerr, 4, welcoming visitors to our district with his pictures of the Wind Wand, the clock tower and Mt Taranaki.

The billboard was part of the Sign Up for New Plymouth competition run by the district council last year in a bid to make the district welcome signs more vibrant and attractive.

A second billboard was put up on State Highway 3 near the airport, displaying the artwork of 14-year-old Caleb Bond.

At the bottom of both signs are the words "Arrive as a guest - leave as a whanau," brainchild of 11-year-old Matthew Jones, of Central School.

Pukekura Kindergarten head teacher Jeni Gilbert said she had tears in her eyes as the billboard went up. "We shot out during our lunch hour to have a look and one of the kids' parents was taking photos of it," Gilbert said.


A month of work was poured into perfecting the artwork, she said.

The competition attracted 112 pieces of artwork from schools around the district.

Council communications manager Nick Maybury was delighted with the response and said it was good to get the kids involved in designing the boards.

This is the first year the competition's been run and the council hopes to run it again in a few years' time.

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