Hospital infections 'statistical blip'

17:00, Jun 05 2014

An increase in blood stream infections contracted while in Taranaki hospitals during the first three months of this year is being described as a "statistical blip".

There were 13 hospital-acquired blood stream infections between January and March - double the number for the previous nine months.

The infection in the blood is also called sepsis, Taranaki District Health Board quality and risk manager Anne Kemp said. It generally occurred in people who were already significantly unwell.

"We could not find any common themes or any untoward issues with any of the 13 cases and believe that this is a statistical blip."

Three of the cases came to Taranaki Base Hospital from other healthcare facilities and a further five cases were patients who were being cared for at home with medical devices, such as home dialysis lines.

In two of the cases, the infections were caused by staphylococcus aureus.


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