Iwi deal 'needs Parihaka'

19:35, Jun 08 2014

A support package for Parihaka could be a deal-breaker for one Taranaki iwi looking to settle with the Crown.

Taranaki iwi was on track to initial its deed of settlement last week, but decided against the move as they could not reach agreement with Crown negotiators about Parihaka.

In a letter to members, lead negotiator Jamie Tuuta, along with Taranaki Iwi Trust chairman Tokatumoana Walden, said the decision had not been taken lightly.

"The position taken is one of principle and integrity in that we have always maintained that a Taranaki iwi settlement that fails to provide for Parihaka is incomplete, unacceptable and therefore, not a settlement."

Tuuta told the Taranaki Daily News, that although options had been discussed, neither the iwi nor the Crown could agree upon what the support plan for Parihaka would entail.

Tuuta said the focus now was to finish off the remaining work that needed to be done on the other aspects of the settlement, with a plan to re-visit the issue of Parihaka at a later date.


However, if agreement could not be reached about Parihaka, Tuuta was clear it could put at risk the entire settlement deal.

"Until we have that comfort we will not be moving on to the next stage," Tuuta said.

Hui will be held shortly to discuss the decision and other information related to the negotiations.

On Wednesday, two other Taranaki iwi, Ngaruahine and Te Atiawa initialled their deeds following a ceremony at Parliament.

Taranaki Daily News