John dory catch could be NZ record

17:00, Jun 09 2014
brett arnold
HUNKY DORY: Inglewood fisherman Brett Arnold believes the john dory he caught on Sunday will set a New Zealand record.

Landing a New Zealand record john dory was so surprising it knocked the lucky fisherman's friend off his perch.

Inglewood man Brett Arnold said he caught the big one - weighing in at 4kg - while fishing with mates about 25km off the coast of Patea on Sunday.

"We caught about 50 or 60 sharks and then I pulled that out of the water and said ‘holy hell'."

"It was shark after shark after shark until then.

"The boys were surprised all right, one fell off his seat and ended up on the deck he was so excited."

Arnold said he caught the fish using 10kg line and squid for bait.


"Even that was a surprise because they usually go for live ones."

Most of yesterday morning was spent getting the fish officially weighed and measured at the New Plymouth Sportfishing and Underwater Club so it could enter the New Zealand records, Arnold said.

The previous record for a john dory was 3.88kg caught near Wellington in 2007.

"I've taken it down to the club and it was exactly 4kg," Arnold said.

"They gave me a whole bunch of forms to fill out and send off to get the record verified."

Arnold, who said he goes fishing two or three times a week, had to resist the urge to serve up the fish for supper.

"It's probably the best eating fish you can get, but I'll get it mounted and put it on the wall."

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