Sex predator denied appeal

The Court of Appeal has refused to allow a convicted sexual predator to appeal his sentence.

In February 2009, Peter Robert Jordan, 69, of North Taranaki, was convicted of 26 counts of sexual offending against three male teenage complainants.

He had numerous previous convictions dating back more than 30 years and was sentenced to preventive detention.

A 12-year minimum non-parole term was imposed.

Four years later, on June 13 last year, Jordan appealed against both his conviction and the non-parole term.

He wanted an extension of time to file the appeals and also applied to be given the opportunity to present further evidence.

One of his three potential witnesses would be Bruce Charnley - himself a convicted sex offender - who is also subject to a sentence of preventive detention.

Jordan argued that there was further evidence from three witnesses concerning the consensual nature of the sexual relationship between Jordan and two of the complainants.

The proposed evidence would describe the alleged willingness of two of the complainants to engage in homosexual activity and would provide witness testimony of consensual sexual activity between the complainants and Jordan.

The Crown overview was that Jordan targeted disadvantaged and vulnerable male teens and conditioned them to his advances.

They stayed at his house and he groomed them to become his sexual partners.

He presented himself as a mentor or father figure and exploited their vulnerability, the Crown said.

The appeal judges agreed the subject matter of the trial involved the calculated grooming of young men to satisfy Jordan's sexual interests.

There was nothing new about the evidence Jordan wished to call.

"Mr Jordan poses a significant threat to the safety of young people and at sentencing presented no reason why anything would change," they said.

There was the risk of reoffending and a complete lack of remorse, sentencing judge Justice Venning had said.

"His view was that at least 12 years was needed to protect the public was reached after a careful review of relevant authority and is amply supported by that authority."

The appeal judges, in their decision released this week, dismissed Jordan's application for an extension of time in which to appeal conviction and sentence.

They also dismissed an application to bring further evidence.

Taranaki Daily News