Glockenspiel vandals say ‘sorry’ to council

01:40, Jun 12 2014
Stratford's glockenspiel clock tower was vandalised in February.

The two offenders responsible for breaking into Stratford's glockenspiel clock tower fronted up to apologise to council on Tuesday.

The men, both aged in their early 20s, were nabbed in April for their role in the February 20 offending, and were offered diversion.  They have also been given name suppression.

The duo told the council it was never their intention to cause as much trouble as they did.

''At the time we only thought of it as a prank,'' one of the men said, reading from a prepared letter.

He said although they were both intoxicated at the time they knew this was no excuse.

''We owe you a sincere apology,'' he said.


Mayor Neil Volzke said the council formally accepted the apology given by the pair, and considered it to be genuine.

''I think it is appropriate that they should come to the council meeting and face up to councillors,'' he said afterwards.

Volzke said there had only been one other occasion when offenders had  made a public apology like this one to councillors.

He said what happened to the glockenspiel had been the most significant form of vandalism in Stratford in recent memory

''On occasion, we do have outbursts of tagging,'' he said.

Along with the apology, the two men are also expected to complete 30 hours of community work for the council, and pay back the $510 worth of damage they caused.

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