Cheap power? Must be a mistake

A Taranaki man thought he'd taken a step back in time when he received his online energy bill last week.

The "extra-cheap" $68.59 bill from Contact Energy - less than half the usual amount - came as a surprise to the Inglewood resident.

But the surprise did not last long - a few days later he received an apology and a corrected bill for the full amount.

"I thought I'd woken up in the 70s, but realised I didn't have email back then, " said the man, who preferred not to be named.

"Still, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted."

The company had sent him a bill for gas, but had accidentally left out the electricity.

Contact Energy spokesman Shaun Jones said "a small number" of online gas and electricity customers throughout New Zealand were sent bills which were missing electricity usage costs.

He said about 40 customers in the New Plymouth area were affected by the error.

"We apologise to all affected customers for the inconvenience and have made some changes to stop the issue happening again." 

Taranaki Daily News