Wakeskater wows by jumping weir

17:00, Jun 13 2014

Most people have probably heard of skateboarding and wakeboarding, but yesterday some lucky folks got to witness a combination of the two.

A section of New Plymouth's Huatoki Stream - between the plaza and the seaward side of the Ariki St bridge - was taken over by 19-year-old wakeskater Cody Tucker.

The watersport uses a similar board to a wakeboard but the rider's feet are not strapped in. Instead, Tucker wore skate shoes and his board was covered in sandpaper-textured grip tape, much like a skateboard.

His girlfriend, Carla Molyneaux, and her mother, Lesley, operated a winch and a six horsepower lawnmower engine to tow Tucker, who wakeskated from the plaza and jumped over a weir in the stream.

"He's always looking for strange places to go," Lesley said.

"We don't know if we're allowed to do it here or not. We saw a policewoman walk by and look at us but she didn't stop."

The trio had spent about three hours at the stream, and Carla said it cost about $2 to fill up the winch motor's tank which was made by a New Zealand company called Rewind.

Tucker, who in 2012 came second in the men's open at the New Zealand wakeskating nationals, said he hoped to find some more weirs that would be good fun while in Taranaki.


Taranaki Daily News