Creative gems along the trail of art

20:41, Jun 15 2014
Melissa Wright
ALIVE WITH COLOUR: Melissa Wright, left, from Australia, with friend Martha Desimone, of New Plymouth, admire Okato artist Alby Carter’s work.

A Taranaki Arts Trail at the weekend was a chance for many to visit the homes and studios of the region's artists to admire their work and have a chat with them.

Okato artists Alby Carter, Dale Copeland, Paul Hutchinson, Marianne Muggeridge and Wayne Morris were among the artists featured in the inaugural trail.

Carter said things were "pretty hectic" around his studio, with three visitors queuing outside at 9.30am sharp .

Melissa Wright, of Australia, lived in Taranaki 25 years ago, but returns to New Plymouth every year to take in the region's art scene.

"I've known Alby for years," Wright said. "I'm so excited to be back here with this on."

Wright, who used to own an art gallery in Fitzroy, said the arts trail was fantastic.


"I'm absolutely enjoying it."

Friend Martha Desimone, of New Plymouth, said she was amazed to discover an art enclave tucked away in Okato.

"I didn't know there was an artist here," she said. "It's like a secret spot."

Arts Trail Co-ordinator Amanda Hewlett said the event went beyond expectations with an overwhelming number of visitors.

"The public are just so interested in it and there's so much enthusiasm in it," she said.

"It's like a great big party going on in the region."

Hewlett said she was delighted with the outcome and there was talk of running the trail again next year.

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